What is Black Fungus and Best ways to treat it after COVID-19

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What is Black Fungus?

Black fungus or Dermatophytes as it is commonly known is a type of fungus that usually grows on the dead tissues in the body. Though it is not considered to be harmful for the health, it causes certain allergic reactions in most people. It can affect anyone from infants to old people after Covid-19.

Cause of Black Fungus

This fungal infection is common on nails, toenails and hair and can also infect the genital areas. Read on to learn more about the treatment of black fungus.

Treatment of Black Fungus

The best way to get rid of this fungus infection is through natural treatment. It is important to check the person’s medical history before undergoing any kind of treatment for fungal infection. Once you find out that you are suffering from this type of infection, it is wise to see a doctor at once so as to get the right kind of treatment that works for your condition. There are many different kinds of remedies that are used for the treatment of fungus infection, however, natural remedies are believed to work the best.

Black Fungus

One kind of natural remedy that can be used for the treatment of black fungus is tea tree oil. It has been used widely across many countries due to its antifungal properties. It has the ability to penetrate the skin easily and kill the fungus present. Another substance that has been used as an effective treatment is the essential oils of black pepper. These essential oils are known to have capsaicin, which is basically heat-resistant pigment found in Cayenne peppers.

This natural remedy is used for both the black fungus and its fungal component, however it has been proven to be more effective than the other treatments. It is a good idea to apply these treatments around the infected area to get faster and immediate results. It is also wise to make sure that there is no moisture present because that will lead to the further growth of the fungus. If there is any moisture, the anti-fungal medication will not be effective.

Essential oils have also been used for the treatment of black fungus and its fungal component. This is a very useful treatment because it has antiseptic properties which makes it highly effective in treating this kind of fungus infection. The essential oil has been used in aromatherapy to treat fungal infections on the scalp and other parts of the body. Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses certain combinations of various essential oils for the purpose of healing, relaxation and prevention of disease. Many people who are interested in using aromatherapy for the treatment of fungal infections are interested in learning how essential oils can be used for fungal infections on the scalp.


Black fungus and its treatment options are varied depending on what type of infection you have, the severity of the condition, your age and your overall health condition. You must consult a dermatologist before choosing any treatment option so that he can assess the condition of your skin and determine the best treatment option. As always, you must follow all recommendations given by your doctor so that you can get rid of the infection completely. Black fungus is one of the most stubborn types of fungal infection so do not expect overnight results; patience and perseverance are important factors in the treatment process.

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