Understanding Design Thinking Questions and Answers

What is design thinking? 

Design thinking is a process for solving problems by prioritizing the consumer’s needs above all else. It relies on observing, with empathy, how people interact with their environments, and employs an iterative, hands-on approach to creating innovative solutions. 

Design thinking is “human-centered,” which means that it uses evidence of how consumers (humans) actually engage with a product or service, rather than how someone else or an organization thinks they will engage with it. To be truly human-centered, designers watch how people use a product or service and continue to refine the product or service in order to improve the consumer’s experience. This is the “iterative” part of design thinking. It favors moving quickly to get prototypes out to test, rather than endless research or rumination. 

Understanding Design Thinking MCQ

Question#1 The following are qualities of a good Design Thinking Leader, except __.

a) Communicating ideas

b) Framing problems

c) Collaboration

d) Sticking to a single idea

Answer:- Sticking to a single idea

Question#2 What are the two things that the teams generally forget during idea generation?

a) socializing, delivery

b) defining, socializing

c) developing, producing

d) socializing, empathy

Answer:- socializing, delivery

Question#3 What is the most important skill of a Design Thinking Leader?

a) Controlling the team

b) dea creation

c) Empathizing

d) Confidence in one’s judgment

Answer:- Confidence in one’s judgment

Question#4 Which technique is used in prototyping to build successful prototypes?

a) never fail

b) fail always

c) build quickly

d) fail fast

Answer:- fail fast

Question#5 The following are stages in the design thinking process, except _.

a) Prototyping

b) Production

c) Ideation

d) Empathy

Answer:- Production

Question#6 Which tool is used to measure the customer relationship?

a) Relationship Framework

b) UiPath

c) Data Platform

d) InVision

Answer:- Relationship Framework

Question#7 A journey map is the __.

a) Products’ journey

b) Organization’s journey

c) Design Thinking process

d) Customers interaction journey

Answer:- Customers interaction journey

Question#8 What are the three key points in a Relationship Framework?

a) breadth, depth, vision

b) consistency, dedication, knowledge

c) breadth, depth, knowledge

d) breadth, depth, consistency

Answer:- breadth, depth, consistency

Question#9 What are the two methods suggested by Edward De Bono for thinking out of the box?

a) Lateral Thinking, Six thinking hats

b) Reading, Writing

c) Listening, Speaking

d) Learning, Practicing

Answer:- Lateral Thinking, Six thinking hats

Question#10 Which of these is a component of a good Customer Experience?

a) Learning

b) Decision Making

c) Archetypes

d) Lateral Thinking

Answer:- Archetypes

Question#11 What are the two types of Prototyping?

a) Real, Conceptual

b) Simple, Complex

c) Low fidelity, High fidelity

d) Paper-based, Computer-based

Answer:- Low fidelity, High fidelity

Question#12 Concepting in Design Thinking is the __.

a) Idea for customer interactions

b) Idea to solve a user-centered problem

c) Idea to design a product

d) Business solution to a problem

Answer:- Idea to solve a user-centered problem

Question#13 Knowing the needs of the team members is the responsibility of the __.

a) Consumer

b) Organization

c) Team Leader

d) Stakeholders

Answer:- Team Leader

Question#14 A good leader must know the skills of the team members.

a) True

b) False

Answer:- True

Question#15 Data Prototyping is similar to Design Prototyping.

a) True

b) False

Answer:- True

Question#16 UX and UI are the same.

a) True

b) False

Answer:- False

Question#17 Framing the problems, allowing experimentation, communicating ideas, and collaborating with the team are the qualities of a __?

a) Team member

b) Business owner

c) Consumer

d) Team Leader

Answer:- Team Leader

Question#18 For the design thinking process to evolve, Interaction designers should deepen their knowledge on Human Interactions with _.

a) Machines

b) Teams

c) The world

d) Organizations

Answer:- Machines

Question#19 Which type of prototypes has user interactions?

a) Low fidelity

b) Data prototyping

c) Data driven prototyping

d) High fidelity

Answer:- High fidelity

Question#20 _ is a methodology in which each prototype is built in quick iterations by learning from the previous failure.

a) fail fast

b) fail always

c) fail often

d) never fail

Answer:- fail fast

Question#21 Who sets the common goal for the team?

a) Team Leader

b) CEO

c) Business Owner

d) Customer

Answer:- Team Leader

Question#22 Design thinking is a linear process.

a) True

b) False

Answer:- False

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