Top 50 Scrum Agile Interview Questions and Answers

Here, we are giving the most relevant Scrum Agile Methodology interview questions and answers and hope these questions will help you while preparing for the agile scrum interview.

Agile Interview Questions 2021

Agile interview questions

Question: It is mandatory that the product increment be released to production at the end of each
Select the best option from below:
a) True
b) False

Answer:-b) False

Question: Is there any disadvantage of the agile model (SDLC)?
Disadvantages of Agile SDLC:

  • The development team should be highly professional and client-oriented.
  • New requirement may be a conflict with the existing architecture.
  • With further correction and change, there may be chances that the project will cross the expected time.
  • There may be difficult to estimate the final coast of the project due to constant iteration.
  • A defined requirement is absent.

Question: What are the burn-up and burn-down chart?
The burn-up chart depicts the amount of work done in the project, whereas the burn-down chart illustrates the amount of work remaining in the project. Thus, the burn-up and burn-down are used to describe the progress report of the project.

Question: What do you understand by Daily Stand-Up?
The daily stand-up is the day-to-day meeting (mostly in the morning) in which the whole team meets around 15 minutes to find the answer for the following three questions:

  • What was done yesterday?
  • What is your plan for today?
  • Is there any obstacle that restricts you to complete your task?

Question: What do you understand about Scrum?
Scrum is a framework that helps agile teams work together to develop, deliver, and sustain the complex product in the shortest time. The product provides by scrum team in this shortest period is known as a sprint.

Question: Who has the final say on the order of the Product Backlog?
Selec the best option from below:
a) Stakeholders
b) Development Team
c) Scrum Master
d) Product Owner
e) CEO

Answer:-d) Product Owner

Question: What are an agile manifesto and its principle?
Agile manifesto uncovers the better way of developing software by doing it and helping others to do it. Agile has 4 manifesto and 12 principles which defines:

  • Individuals and interactions, i.e., self-motivating and self-organized should be encouraged.
  • Demonstrate the working software at regular intervals with comprehensive documentation.
  • Customers are collaboration over contact negotiation.
  • Responding to change over following a plan.

The principles of agile manifesto are-

  • Customer Satisfaction: Manifesto provides high priority to satisfy the costumer’s requirements. Customer satisfaction is done through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
  • Welcome Change: Making change during software development is common and inevitable. Every changing requirement should be welcome, even in the late development phase. Agile process is used to increase the customer’s competitive advantage.
  • Deliver the Working Software: Deliver the working software frequently, ranging from a few weeks to a few months with considering the shortest period.

Question: What are the different roles in Scrum?
There are three different roles in scrum. These are the Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Development Team:

  • Scrum Master: The Scrum Master is a team leader and facility provider who help the team member to follow agile practices so that they can meet their commitments and customers requirements.

  • Product Owner: The Product Owner is one who runs the product from a business perspective. He defines the requirements and prioritizes their values.
  • Agile Development Team: Agile development team provides the judgment on the technical feasibilities or any dependencies.

Question: What are the responsibilities of the Scrum Master?
The critical responsibility of Scrum Master includes:

Tracking and monitoring project development.
Understanding the user requirement correctly.
Work to obtain the project properly.
Improving the performance of the team.
Organized meetings and resolve issues.
Communicate and report to the customer and development team.

Question: What are different ceremonies and their importance in Scrum?
To clearly express the Scrum planning, Scrum review, Scrum Daily stand up, and scrum retrospective is the purpose of the ceremony. The importance of these ceremonies is to use sprint as per your project.

Question: What do you know about Scrum ban?
Scrum-ban is a Scrum and Kanban-based model for software development. This model is used in the project that needs continuous maintenance, various programming error, or some sudden changes.

Question: What do you understand by the term agile testing?
The agile testing is the software testing process which is fully based on the principle of agile software development. It is the iterative approach where the user story becomes the output of the collaboration between the product owner and the development team.

Question: What are the major principles of agile testing?
Some of the essential principles of agile testing are:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Face to face communication
  • Sustainable development
  • Continuous feedback
  • Quick respond to changes
  • Successive improvement
  • Self-organized
  • Focus on essence
  • Error-free clean node
  • Collective work

Question: What are the skills of a good agile tester?
The agile tester is one who implements the principle of agile software development principles for software testing. An excellent agile tester has the following skills:

  • He must be familiar with the principles and concept of agile.
  • He must be excellent communication skill to communicate with the team and the clients.
  • He can set the priority of a task according to customer requirements.
  • He should able to understand the customer requirement properly.
  • He should understand the project risk due to changing demand.

Question: Name the agile frameworks.
Some of the agile frameworks are:

  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Feature Driven Development
  • Test Driven Development

Question: When does the next Sprint begin?
Selec the best option from below:
a) Next Monday
b) Immediately following the next Sprint Planning.
c) When the Product Owner is ready.
d) Immediately after the conclusion of the previous Sprint

Answer:-d) Immediately after the conclusion of the previous Sprint

Question: When can we change Development Team members in Agile
Selec the best option from below:
a) Every Sprint to promote shared learning.
b) Never, because it reduces productivity.
c) As needed, while taking into account a short term reduction in productivity.
d) Just as it would on any development team, with no special allowance for changes in productivity

Answer:-c) As needed, while taking into account a short term reduction in productivity.

Question: Which of the following are the characteristics of agile projects?
Selec the best option from below:
a) Incremental product development
b) Iterative refinement
c) Self-organising teams
d) All of the above

Answer:-d) All of the above

Question: Development Team members volunteer to own a Sprint Backlog item in Agile
Selec the best option from below:
a) At the Sprint planning meeting.
b) During the Daily Scrum.
c) Never. All Sprint Backlog Items are “owned” by the entire Development Team, even though each one may be done by an individual development team member.
d) Whenever a team member can accommodate more work.

Answer:-c) Never. All Sprint Backlog Items are “owned” by the entire Development Team, even though each one may be done by an individual development team member.

Question: Agile is a_________for executing software projects.
Selec the best option from below:
a) Tool
b) Methodology
c) Reference manual
d) Technology

Answer:-b) Methodology

Question: What is an agile or agile methodology?
Agile is an iterative approach of software development methodology using short iterations of 1 to 4 weeks. Due to the agile methodology, the development process is aligned to deliver the changing business requirement.

Question: What are some quality strategies of agile?
Some quality strategies of agile are:

  • Iteration
  • Re-factoring
  • Dynamic code analysis
  • Short feedback cycles
  • Reviews and inspection
  • Standards and guidelines
  • Milestone reviews

Question: What is Pair Programming in Agile?
Pair programming is one of the useful technique where two programmer works a team and from two programmer one programmer writes a code and second one reviews that code. And they can even switch their roles too. Below are the two most useful benefits of pair programming:-

a) Improved Code Quality:-As second partners reviews the code so it will reduces the chance of mistake.

b) Knowledge Transfer Is Easy:-KT is very easy as one experienced partner can teach another new partner about the techniques and codes.

Question: Difference between Burn Down and Burn UP Charts?
Both of these charts are used by Project Manager to communicate and track progress of their projects. And these charts are widely used in Agile and scrum software project management.

a) Burn Down:-This charts shows how much work is remaining to be done in the project. This charts shows that the team did not accomplish much in the middle of the project but heroically finished everything at the end.
b) Burn UP:-This charts shows that how much work has been completed and also shows the toal amount of work. This charts will shows the complete picture and the scope increased at the begining of the project and some scope was removed to finish the project by the deadline. And here Team made some stedy progress through the entire duration of project.

Question: Define some of Agile Quality Strategies?
Below are the seven main Agile Quality Strategies:-
a) Iteration
b) Re-Factoring
c) Dynamic Code Analysis
d) Short Feedback Cycles
e) Reviews and Inspections
f)Standards and Guidelines
g)Milestone Reviews

Question: A good Agile team must exhibit the following qualilities.
Select the Corrcet options from below options
a) Must Have the same level of technical expertise.
b) Must be self-organising.
c) Must only take up tasks assigned by the Product Owner.
d) Must be hierarchical with a strict chain of command
e) Must be cross-functional.
Answer:-b) Must be self-organising e) Must be cross-functional

Basic definition of Product backlog and Sprint backlog
Product Backlog is maintained and handle by project owner. And product backlog contains every feature and requirement of the product.
Sprint Backlog taken as a subset of Product Backlog which have features and requirements that related to particular sprint only.

Question: Different roles in scrum?
Below are the three main roles that a Scrum team have:
a) Project Owner– Project Owner have the responsibility of manage product backlog. Project Owner works with end users and customers and helps to provide proper requirement to the team to build the proper product.

b) Scrum Master– Scrum Master works with scrum team to check that each sprint gets complete on time. Scrum master always ensure proper work flow to the team.

c) Scrum Team– Scrum team should be self-organized, dedicated and responsible for high quality of the work always.

Question: Is it ever suggested to use waterfall over Scrum? If yes, explain when.
Yes, sometimes we use waterfall module over scrum. This is because when the client requirement is simple, small, well-defined, fully understood, predictable, and the subject does not change until the project complete.

Question: Name some methodologies and development where you have used the agile model.
While answering this type of question, keep in mind to mention those methodologies from which you are familiar whit. Some of the methodologies where agile is used are:

  • Crystal methodologies
  • Lean software development
  • Dynamic development
  • Feature-driven development

Question: What was the length of sprints/iterations in your project?
It is a common question for experienced people. The idea behind is to judge in which kind of environment you have worked? There will be follow up of the question that the length fixed in the beginning and never changed? Did you try with less than this length or more than that?

Question: What is the difference between the agile & traditional way of working?
The traditional way of development is that which follow the sequential where design -> development -> testing etc. is performed whereas, in agile development, all of this is done in every iteration/sprint.

Question: What do all Agile approaches have in common?
Approaches that are common in agile is Iterative and incremental development

Question: Definition of Zero sprint in Agile?
Zero sprint can be defined as the pre step to the first sprint. And jobs such as setting up the environment to develop, prepare backlog, etc. and that needs to be performed before the start of the initial sprint and can treat it as Sprint zero.

Question: What is Spike in Agile and its types
There are several types of problems just like technical and design in any projects and these issue need to fixed first. And to resolve this issue in projects “Spikes” are created. These are done first in all conditions.
Below are the two types Spikes
a) Functional
b) Technical

Question: Simplest definition for Velocity in term of Agile
When we calculate all efforts by team in particular iteration will add all task and user stories efforts and metric is created this metric is called velocity. It will also helps in prediction to get how much work is completed in sprint and also get the estimation of time in complete the project.

Question: Define Taskboard in Agile?
Taskboard is one of dashboard in agile which shows the progress of th project. Below are the five main fields which included in Taskboard:-
a) User Story:-This will contains the actual business requirements.
b) To Do:-This will contains the Tasks that can be worked on.
c) To Progress:-This will contains the every tasks that in progress.
d) To Verify:-This will contains the tasks that are pending for verification or testing.
e) Done:-This will contains the task that are completed.

Question: Basic definition of Spike in Agile?
There are some certain technical issues or some design issues or pr problems in the project. And these issues or problems need to be resolved first. And to provide solution to this problem “Spikes” are created. There are two types of Spikes in agile
a) Functional
b) Technical

Question: Write down the definition of Agile Manifesto?
Agile Manifesto is a document for for Agile Software Development which is prepared by 17 software practitioners. This agile manifesto was published on Feb 2001 and this is prepared due to increase need for an alternative to documentation-driven and heavyweight software development processes. And Manifesto document is built on 4 values and 12 principle for Agile Software Development.

Question: Difference between Scrum and Extreme Programing
Below are the main difference between Scrum and Extreme Programing(XP)
a) Scrum:-Scrum emphasizes based on self organization.
a) Extreme Programing(XP):-Extreme Programming emphasizes based on strong engineering practices.

b) Scrum:-Scrum Teams will not allow change into their sprints usually.
b) Extreme Programing(XP):-XP teams are more flexible then scrum and will change their iterations.

c) Scrum:-In scrum framework team will work in iterations which is called sprint and which should be 2 weeks to 2 month long.
c) Extreme Programing(XP):-In XP teamwork for 1-2 weeks only.

d) Scrum:-Scrum model do not allow changes in their timeline or their guidelines.
d) Extreme Programing(XP):-Extreme Programming allow changes in their set timelines.

e) Scrum:-Scrum will not prescribe and engineering practices.
e) Extreme Programing(XP):-On the other hand XP does prescribe engineering practices.

f)Scrum:-In scrum, the product owner prioritizes the product backlog but the team decides the sequence in which they will develop the backlog items
f)Extreme Programing(XP):-XP team work in strict priority order, features developed are prioritized by the customer.

g)Scrum:-Scrum framework is not fully described. If you want to adopt it then you need to fill the framework with your own frameworks method like XP, DSDM or Kanban.
g)Extreme Programing(XP):-Extreme Programming(XP) can be directly applied to a team. Extreme Programming is also known for its Ready-to-apply features.

h)Scrum:-In Scrum framework, team determines the sequence in which the product will be developed.
h)Extreme Programing(XP):-In Extreme Programming, team have to follow a strict priority order or pre-determined priority order.

Question: Write down difference between Extreme programming and Scrum?
Below are the 4 main difference between Extreme programming and Scrum
a) Extreme programming:-XP team works in iteration same as doing in Scrum and that last for one or two weeks
Scrum:-Scrum teams also work in iterations that is called sprints which usually held up to two weeks to one month long

b) Extreme programming:-XP teams are more flexible then Scrum and here we can change their iterations
Scrum:-Scrum teams is not flexxible like XP it does not allow change into their sprints

c) Extreme programming:-XP team work in strict priority order which is define and features developed are prioritized by the customer
Scrum:-In scrum product owner prioritizes the product backlog but it is team who will decides the sequence in which they will develop the backlog items

d) Extreme programming:-XP does prescribe engineering practices
Scrum:-It will not prescribe any engineering practices

Question: Who is responsible for facilitating the Sprint Retrospective meeting?
Please Selec the best option from below::-
a) Team
b) Scrum Master
c) Product Owner
d) Senior Management

Answer:-a) Team

Question: Please provide some example of Agile frameworks
Below are the 3 mmain example of agile frameworks:-
a) Test-Driven Development
b) Kanban
c) Feature-Driven Development

Question: Should we use Waterfall over Scrum?
We will only used Waterfall when the requirements are so simple, fully defined, predictable, and understood and will not change.

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