Top 5 strategic tech trends for 2022


Know what’s coming for business tech strategies in the coming year. Tom Merritt tells us which ones to watch for.

Trends are useful to know. For one thing, they help you not to look odd when somebody uses the latest buzzword. You don’t want to be responding that your data fabric is cotton, now do you? 

Gartner recently presented 12 top strategic technology trends for 2022 in categories of growth, change and trust. 

Let’s pull out a few you might want to pay close attention to. Here are five strategic tech trends for 2022.

  1. Total Experience or TX. This combines all the Xes. Your customer experience, employee experience and end-user experience are all fused. In Total Experience, each experience’s leader is equally responsible for the combined needs of customers and employees. The idea is to increase customer and employee confidence, satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.
  2. Generative artificial intelligence or GAN uses machine learning to figure out new insights about content or objects, without you having to teach the model. It can create code, target marketing, identify new products and more. 
  3. Hyperautomation. This means finding things you can automate and doing that as fast as possible. Freeing your people to work on more important problems or problems you never thought you could tackle. Gartner says hyperautomation teams should focus on quality, speed and enhancing decision-making.
  4. Data fabric. This is a description of integrating data across platforms and business users. The idea is to make it easy to use the data you have and reduce data management efforts. 
  5. Cybersecurity mesh. There is no perimeter anymore, folks. Your data is everywhere. A cybersecurity mesh architecture, or CSMA, recognizes this and works to secure data no matter where it is. 

That’s just five I wanted to point out, but there are more, like composable applications and distributed enterprise. Want to find out what they mean? Esther Shein breaks them all down in the article, Gartner analyst: 12 technologies to accelerate growth, engineer trust and sculpt change in 2022

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