Top 30 DevOps Security Interview Questions & Answers

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Question#1 In the DevSecOps, during which phase of the development cycle are the security aspects considered?

1)During the development process

2)At the end of the release cycle

3)Throughout the application lifecycle

4)During the testing phase

Ans : Throughout the application lifecycle

Question#2 Which is the software development approach that first emphasized on incorporating customer feedback early and often?





Ans : Agile

Question#3 __ procedure involves integrating secure development practices and methodologies into development and deployment processes that enforce DevOps.

1)Application Security

2)Software development security

3)Security Testing


Ans : DevSecOps

Question#4 __ software development approach aims to enhance the collaboration between the software development and the IT operations team.





Ans : DevOps

Question#5 _ approach aims to include security in each phase of the development cycle.

1)Consistent Security

2)Shift Right Security

3)Continuous Security

4)Shift Left security

Ans : Shift Left security

Question#6 In DevSecOps, security-related activities are the sole responsibility of the security team.



Ans : False

Question#7 DevSecOps encourages creativity and experimentation.



Ans : True

Question#8 In modern software development, a large portion of code is reused from open source and third-party libraries.



Ans : True

Question#9 Which of the following can be used to ensure the security of the CI/CD pipeline?

1)Authentication to push changes

2)Login tracking

3)Key management

4)Secure storage of build artifacts

5)All the options

Ans : All the options

Question#10 How many distinct areas does the AppSec pipeline comprise?



3)Depends on the application


Ans : Four

Question#11 _ testing strategy involves feeding malformed inputs to a software.

1)Disruption Testing

2)Chaos Testing

3)Fuzz Testing

Ans : Fuzz Testing

Question#12 During which phase in the AppSec pipeline are the AppSec tools automated?

1)Testing phase

2)Intake phase

3)Triage phase

4)All the options

Ans : Triage phase

Question#13 _ simulates failure by randomly terminating clusters.

1)Chaos Monkey

2)Chaos Gorilla

3)Chaos Kong

4)Latency Monkey

Ans : Chaos Monkey

Question#14 In _ approach, the code is analyzed for security vulnerabilities, while the application is run either manually or by an automated test.





Ans : IAST

Question#15 RASP works as a network device.



Ans : False

Question#16 SAST requires the application to be running.



Ans : False

Question#17 Which of the following is used by IaC to code more versatile and adaptive provisioning and deployment processes?

1)Programming scripts

2)Descriptive language

3)High-level or descriptive language

4)High-level languages

Ans : High-level or descriptive language

Question#18 Which of the following can be considered as a sound monitoring approach?




Ans : SIEM

Question#19 In __ type of IT setup, developers or operations teams automatically manage and provision the technology stack for an application through software.

1)Infrastructure as Code

2)Infrastructure automation

3)Programming scripts

4)Infrastructure as a Service

Ans : Infrastructure as Code

Question#20 Which of the following SAST tools analyze to uncover vulnerabilities?

1)Source code


3)Configuration files

4)All the options

Ans : All the options

Question#21 In SAST, during which phases are the software artifacts analyzed to uncover vulnerabilities?

1)Testing and deployment

2)Analysis and coding

3)Al the phases

4)Coding and unit testing

Ans : Coding and unit testing

Question#22 SAST is also known as __.

1)Black box testing

2)White box testing

3)Grey box testing

Ans : White box testing

Question#23 __ software development methodology characterizes security as a primary consideration throughout the processes of development and delivery of software.

1)Continuous Security


3)Rugged DevOps

4)Secure Agile

Ans : Rugged DevOps

Question#24 Which of the following is the desirable characteristic of a useful monitoring framework?


2)Data Aggregation



5)All the options

Ans : All the options

Question#25 What is the practice of testing the production environment continuously with different types of failure scenarios called?

1)Chaos Testing



4)Fuzz Testing

Ans : Chaos Testing

Question#26 _ emphasizes increased trust, transparency, and a clearer understanding of probable risks.

1)Rugged DevOps


Ans : Rugged DevOps

DevOps Security Interview Questions and Answers for Experience

  1. What is DevOps?
    Your answer must be simple and straightforward. Begin by explaining the growing importance of DevOps in the IT industry. Discuss how such an approach aims to synergize the efforts of the development and operations teams to accelerate the delivery of software products, with a minimal failure rate. Include how DevOps is a value-added practice, where development and operations engineers join hands throughout the product or service lifecycle, right from the design stage to the point of deployment.
  2. What are the difference between DevOps and agile methodology?
    DevOps is a culture that allows the development and the operations team to work together. This results in continuous development, testing, integration, deployment, and monitoring of the software throughout the lifecycle.
DevOps different from Agile

Agile is a software development methodology that focuses on iterative, incremental, small, and rapid releases of software, along with customer feedback. It addresses gaps and conflicts between the customer and developers.

DevOps addresses gaps and conflicts between the Developers and IT Operations.

  1. Which are some of the most popular DevOps tools?
    The most popular DevOps tools include:
  • Selenium
  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • Git
  • Jenkins
  • Ansible
  • Docker
  1. What are the different phases in DevOps?
    The various phases of the DevOps lifecycle are as follows:
  • Plan – Initially, there should be a plan for the type of application that needs to be developed. Getting a rough picture of the development process is always a good idea.
  • Code – The application is coded as per the end-user requirements.
  • Build – Build the application by integrating various codes formed in the previous steps.
  • Test – This is the most crucial step of the application development. Test the application and rebuild, if necessary.
  • Integrate – Multiple codes from different programmers are integrated into one.
  • Deploy – Code is deployed into a cloud environment for further usage. It is ensured that any new changes do not affect the functioning of a high traffic website.
  • Operate – Operations are performed on the code if required.
  • Monitor – Application performance is monitored. Changes are made to meet the end-user requirements.


DevOps Security refers to the set of practices, approaches and tools that bring together software development, IT operations and security so as to increase the ability of an organization to deliver applications and services securely at a high velocity. The DevOps Security certification exam can prove to be a valuable addition to your skillset if you wish to excel in this field.

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