Top 30 Amazon Cloudwatch and Monitoring Services Questions

Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring and observability service built for DevOps engineers, developers, site reliability engineers (SREs), IT managers, and product owners. Amazon CloudWatch provides you with data and actionable insights to monitor your applications, respond to system-wide performance changes, and optimize resource utilization. CloudWatch collects monitoring and operational data in the form of logs, metrics, and events. You get a unified view of operational health and gain complete visibility of your AWS resources, applications, and services running on AWS and on-premises.

You can use CloudWatch to detect anomalous behavior in your environments, set alarms, visualize logs and metrics side by side, take automated actions, troubleshoot issues, and discover tinsights to keep your applications running smoothly.

Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon Management and Monitoring Services MCQs

Q.1 Which of the following intrinsic functions returns the output of another stack?

   A. Fn :: ImportValue

   B. Fn :: Select

   C. Fn :: FindInMap

   D. Fn :: GetAtt

Correct Answer : Fn :: ImportValue

Q.2 Nested stacks in AWS will have many parent stacks, and _ root stack.

   A. One

   B. many

   C. Two

Correct Answer : One

Q.3 IaC is a key DevOps practice, and is used in conjunction with _.

   A. Continuous Integration

   B. Continuous Delivery

   C. Continuous Deployment

   D. All the options

Correct Answer : Continuous Delivery

Q.4 Deletion of stack results in deletion of all resources created by the stack.

   A. True

   B. False

Correct Answer : True

Amazon Cloudwatch Interview Questions and Answers

Q.5 AWS CloudFormation is a free service provision.

   A. True

   B. False

Correct Answer : True

Q.6 Metrics from on-premise servers and applications can be collected by using CloudWatch.

   A. True

   B. False

Correct Answer : True

Q.7 In template schema, _ is the only mandatory argument that must be defined.

   A. Parameters

   B. Resources

   C. Conditions

   D. Mappings

Correct Answer : Resources

Q.8 Custom metrics monitoring is always __ monitoring.

   A. Basic

   B. Detailed

   C. High resolution

Correct Answer : Detailed

Q.9 For high resolution metrics, the data points of metrics lesser than 60 seconds are stored for __.

   A. 3 hours

   B. 15 months

   C. 7 days

   D. 63 days

Correct Answer : 3 hours

Q.10 Basic monitoring is done in __________intervals and is free.

   A. 10-minute

   B. 15-minute

   C. 1-minute

   D. 5-minute

Correct Answer : 5-minute

Q.11 CloudWatch does not automatically provide metrics for _.

   A. Memory Usage

   B. CPU utilization

   C. Requests

   D. All the options

Correct Answer : CPU utilization

Q.12 The bucket created by CloudTrail has a unique _ attached to it.

   A. BucketPolicy

   B. ACL

   C. Geo Replication

   D. Storage capacity

Correct Answer : Geo Replication

Q.13 The number of trails you can have per region are _.

   A. 25

   B. 10

   C. 15

   D. 5

Correct Answer : 5

Q.14 Only VPC flow logs can be directly published to S3.

   A. True

   B. False

Correct Answer : True

Q.15 CloudFront becomes futile in which of the following cases?

   A. Distributing software patches

   B. Serving static content of web application

   C. Streaming media

   D. Requests coming from a single place

Correct Answer : Distributing software patches

Q.16 CloudTrail logs are __ files.

   A. XML

   B. Plain text

   C. JSON

   D. All the options

Correct Answer : JSON

Q.17 Which of the following service is used to stream on-demand video for users using CloudFront?

   A. Elemental Media package

   B. Elemental media convert

   C. Media live

Correct Answer : Media live

Q.18 Which of the following methods help CloudFront make users request content through signed URLs?

   A. WAF

   B. OIA

   C. HTTPS request

   D. All the options

Correct Answer : OIA

Q.19 CloudTrail events are saved in event history for a duration of _ days.

   A. 10

   B. 90

   C. 15

   D. 7

Correct Answer : 90

Q.20 If an S3-origin is configured as a website endpoint, does it support RTMP distribution?

   A. Yes

   B. No

Correct Answer : No

Q.21 What queue is preferred for duplication of messages?

   A. Standard

   B. FIFO

Correct Answer : Standard

Q.22 SNS is a _ delivery system and SQS is a _ delivery system.

   A. push, pull

   B. push, push

   C. pull, push

   D. pull, pull

Correct Answer : push, pull

Q.23 In an AWS design template, the “depends on” property of a resource is represented by an _ color dot.

   A. Red

   B. Black

   C. Blue

   D. Orchid

Correct Answer : Red

Q.24 CloudFormation can be integrated with both Chef and Puppet DevOps tools.

   A. True

   B. False

Correct Answer : True

Q.25 Alarms can be used to send notifications to users, and to perform actions on behalf of the user.

   A. True

   B. False

Correct Answer : True

Q.26 The expiration time for CloudWatch metrics is _.

   A. 15 months

   B. 7 months

   C. 15 days

   D. 7 days

Correct Answer : 15 months

Q.27 The default retention period of an SQS message in a queue is______.

   A. 15 days

   B. 1 day

   C. 1 month

   D. 4 days

Correct Answer : 4 days

Q.28 The maximum size of a single published message is _.

   A. 64 kb

   B. 128 kb

   C. 1 Mb

   D. 256 kb

Correct Answer : 256 kb

Q.29 CloudFront offers security at both the 4th and 7th layer of the OSI application model.

   A. True

   B. False

Correct Answer : True

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