Top 25 Workflow Automation with Gulp Interview Questions & Answers

Gulp is a toolkit which has features of cross-platform, streaming task runner that lets developers automate many development tasks. Get yourself help and access the answers to hundreds of Workflow Automation with Gulp Interview questions that are explained in a way that’s easy for you to understand. 

Automation with Gulp

At a high level, gulp reads files as streams and pipes the streams to different tasks. These tasks are code-based and use plugins. The tasks modify the files, building source files into production files.

Workflow Automation with Gulp MCQ

Question:1 The default task representation in gulp is _.

  1.‘default’,function(){ ‘d’,void});
  2. gulp.task(‘default’,function(){ });
  3.‘default’,function(){ ‘default’});
  4.‘default’,function(){ ‘d’,null});

Correct Answer is:gulp.task(‘default’,function(){ });

Question:2 Between Grunt and gulp, which is relatively fast?

  1. Grunt
  2. gulp
  3. Both are of the same speed
  4. Neither of them are fast

Correct Answer is:gulp

Question:3 While installing gulp with $npm install gulp –save-dev, what does –save- dev represent?

  1. Ensures CLI installation
  2. Missed out components of global installation will be taken here
  3. Installs gulp as a development dependency and updates package.json
  4. Triggers dependency between project and CLI

Correct Answer is:Installs gulp as a development dependency and updates package.json

Question:4 Code in a gulp file will be __ the code in a grunt file.

  1. lesser than
  2. larger than
  3. Equal to
  4. 2x times than

Correct Answer is:2x times than

Question:5 What was used by the gulp files?

  1. JSON
  2. JS
  3. None of the options
  4. Both the options

Correct Answer is:JS

Question:6 Which command in the CLI triggers the ‘default` task?

  1. run gulp
  2. run gulp default
  3. gulp
  4. run default gulp

Correct Answer is:gulp

Question:7 Which among the following helps to compile into .CSS format?

  1. gulp-sass
  2. gulp-less
  3. Both the options

Correct Answer is:Both the options

Question:8 Which helps with sequencing the tasks one by one?

  1. Only watch and plumber
  2. .pipe
  3. watch
  4. plumber

Correct Answer is:.pipe

Question:9 Which plug-in helps in task dependencies?

  1. No gulp plug-in is required
  2. gulp-depend
  3. gulp-seq
  4. gulp-order

Correct Answer is:No gulp plug-in is required

Question:10 gulp-concat helps with the __.

  1. Concatenation of files in the given location
  2. Concatenation of .js/.css files alone
  3. Concatenation of CSS files
  4. Concatenation of JavaScript files

Correct Answer is:Concatenation of files in the given location

Question:11 In-memory caching is enabled with the help of which gulp plug-in?

  1. gulp-tempcache
  2. gulp-cached
  3. gulp-sess
  4. gulp-cookie

Correct Answer is:gulp-cached

Gulp Automation Interview Questions

Question:12 To convert .svg icons into fonts, gulp provides __ plug-in.

  1. gulp-svgfont
  2. gulp-iconfont
  3. gulp-svgchange
  4. All the options

Correct Answer is:gulp-iconfont

Question:13 Organizing the gulp plug-ins can be easily achieved through __.

  1. gulp-load-plugins
  2. gulp-reload-plugins
  3. gulp-reload-package
  4. gulp-load-package

Correct Answer is:gulp-load-plugins

Question:14 Before installation of gulp, installation of _ acts as a prerequisite.

  1. Node.js
  2. Brocolli.js
  3. Grunt.js
  4. Bower.js

Correct Answer is:Node.js

Question:15 While installing gulp using the syntax npm install gulp –save-dev, __section of ___ is updated.

  1. globalDependencies, gulpfile
  2. devDependencies, gulpfile
  3. globalDependencies, package.json
  4. devDependencies, package.json

Correct Answer is:devDependencies, package.json

Question:16 Which package helps in minifying the CSS?

  1. gulp-min-css
  2. gulp-minify-css
  3. gulp-css-minify
  4. gulp-compressify-css

Correct Answer is:gulp-minify-css

Question:17 Which plug-in has optimizers and compressors?

  1. gulp-watch
  2. gulp-imagemin
  3. gulp-plumber
  4. gulp-changed

Correct Answer is:gulp-imagemin

Question:18 How does installing gulp globally help?

  1. Can draw reference within Grunt easily
  2. All files in any directory can be mapped easily
  3. Helps to run gulp command from any project folder
  4. All the options

Correct Answer is:Helps to run gulp command from any project folder

Question:19 How to check if gulp has been installed successfully?

  1. gulp -verify
  2. gulp -check
  3. gulp -val
  4. gulp -v

Correct Answer is:gulp -v

Question:20 Which Stream(s) provide the ability to both read and write?

  1. Transform
  2. Duplex
  3. Classic
  4. All the options

Correct Answer is:Transform

Question:21 Which task would be called in gulp, by default?

  1. Jshint
  2. Plumber
  3. Default
  4. Watch

Correct Answer is:Default

Question:22 The different kinds of Streams include __.

  1. readable, writable, divide, classic, transcend
  2. readable, writable, duplex, classic, transform
  3. readable, writable, divide, correspond, transform
  4. readable, writable, divide, check, transform

Correct Answer is:readable, writable, duplex, classic, transform

Question:23 The default task/plug-ins in gulp are mentioned in the __ file.

  1. index.html
  2. gulpfile.js
  3. app.js
  4. node.js

Correct Answer is:gulpfile.js

Question:24 While installing gulp, the first step would be __.

  1. $npm install gulp –save-dev
  2. $npm install gulp g –save-dev
  3. $npm install gulp g
  4. $npm install gulp g savedev

Correct Answer is:$npm install gulp g

Question:25 Which plug-in notifies whenever there is any change in file?

  1. gulp-notify
  2. gulp-watch
  3. gulp-plumber
  4. gulp-timber

Correct Answer is:gulp-timber

Question:26 Streams give higher flow control.

  1. True
  2. False

Correct Answer is:True

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