Top 20+ Keycloak Interview Questions & Answers

What is Keycloak Admin REST API?

Keycloak is an open source Identity and Access Management solution targeted towards modern applications and services. Keycloak offers features such as Single-Sign-On (SSO), Identity Brokering and Social Login, User Federation, Client Adapters, an Admin Console, and an Account Management Console. Get yourself help and access the answers to hundreds of Keycloak Interview Questions & Answers that are explained in a way that’s easy for you to understand

When should I use Keycloak?

You may use Keycloak, if you need some Identity and User management platform, and when you have complicated user access flow. In the end, you could consider Keycloak, if you need SSO (Single Sign On) feature. Once logged-in to Keycloak, users don’t have to login again to access a different application.

Keycloak Interview Questions

Top 20+ MCQ questions and answers for Keycloak:-

Q.1 Which of the following standard protocols does Keycloak Support?

   A. Oauth 2.0

   B. OpenID Connect

   C. SAML

   D. All the options

Correct Answer : All the options

Q.2 Which of the following is a benefit of Identity and Access Management?

   A. Improves Security

   B. Manages Risks

   C. Meet Compliance goals

   D. Reach business objectives

   E. Improves Productivity

   F. All the options

Correct Answer : All the options

Q.3 A __ defines the conditions that must be satisfied to grant access to an object.

   A. Scope

   B. Policy

   C. Permission

Correct Answer : Policy

Q.4 Keycloak is an Identity Provider (IDP).

   A. True

   B. False

Correct Answer : True

Q.5 Keycloak can only be used to authenticate applications and not individual users.

   A. True

   B. False

Correct Answer : False

Q.6 The feature of logging into social networks can be facilitated using Keycloak.

   A. True

   B. False

Correct Answer : True

Q.7 Master realms are usually reserved for super administrators for creating and managing the realms in a system.

   A. True

   B. False

Correct Answer : True

Q.8 Admin accounts created in the master realm have permissions to view and manage any other realm created on the server instance.

   A. True

   B. False

Correct Answer : True

Q.9 A/An __ token contains information about user role mapping.

   A. Identity

   B. Utility

   C. User

   D. Access

Correct Answer : Access

Q.10 SAML 2.0 works by exchanging _ between the application and the authentication server.

   A. Authentication Tokens

   B. HTML Documents

   C. XML Documents

   D. Authorization Tokens

Correct Answer : XML Documents

Keycloak Interview Questions MCQs

Q.11 What is the highest level in the hierarchy of realms?

   A. User realm

   B. admin realm

   C. Master realm

   D. Root realm

Correct Answer : Master realm

Q.12 Verifying the identity of an entity to allow access to a resource is known as __.

   A. Identity Management

   B. Authentication

   C. Authorization

Correct Answer : Authentication

Q.13 __ identify/identifies the type or category of a user.

   A. Roles

   B. Identity

   C. Realm

   D. Tokens

Correct Answer : Roles

Q.14 A user can be allocated to only one role.

   A. True

   B. False

Correct Answer : False

Q.15 __ protocol is more suited to work with HTML5/Javascript applications due to ease of implementation.

   A. SAML

   B. OpenID Connect

Correct Answer : OpenID Connect

Q.16 The __ contains information about the user, such as username and email.

   A. Utility token

   B. Identity token

   C. Access token

   D. Asset token

Correct Answer : Identity token

Q.17 Which among the following protocols has its roots in SOAP and WS-Specifications?

   A. OpenID Connect

   B. Oauth 2.0

   C. SAML 2.0

Correct Answer : SAML 2.0

Q.18 The process of granting access privileges to a user/program is known as __.

   A. Authentication

   B. Identity Management

   C. Authorization

Correct Answer : Authorization

Q.19 The entities that request Keycloak to authenticate a user are called as __.

   A. Processes

   B. Servers

   C. Clients

Correct Answer : Clients

Q.20 Which among the following is the full-fledged authentication and authorization protocol?

   A. Oauth 2.0

   B. OpenID Connect

Correct Answer : OpenID Connect

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