Top 20+ Cucumber Questions and Answers

What is Cucumber?

Cucumber is a testing tool that supports Behavior Driven Development (BDD) framework. It defines application behavior using simple English text, defined by a language called Gherkin.

Cucumber allows automation functional validation that is easily read and understood. Cucumber was initially implemented in Ruby and then extended to Java framework. Both the tools support native JUnit.

Cucumber Questions and Answers

1. BDD concept was given by ?

Ans:-  Dan North

2. BDD stands for : 

Ans:- Behavior Driven Development 

3. TDD is derived from BDD: 

Answer :- False, it is a false statment

4. What does POM stand for? :

Answer:- Project Object Model 

5. What does CLI stand for? 

Answer:- Command Line Interface

6. Gherkin supports : around 60 well known languages But is used to : Remove repetitive Then

To define the random digit, . : \\d+

In our script file @Given ends with .: $

7. Cucumber dependencies need .

Answer:-  All the options 

8. Gherkin is .

Answer:-  Both simple and light weight 

9. Gherkin is a – language : 

Answer:- Line-oriented

10. Scenario is used in file for : 

Answer:- define description

11. To define the executable java file we call it in .

Answer:-  @RunWith()

12. Maven command to create Java project is : 

Answer:- DgroupID DartifactID (both capitalized) 

13. Cucumber supports .

Answer:-  All the options

14. Description is used in file for .

Answer:- Write description about feature 

15. Cucumber supports only on Ecplise IDE: 

Answer:- False

16. Cucumber acts as a bridge between the business and development

Answer:-  True 

17. Cucumber dependencies need .

Answer:-  all the options

18. In our script file @Given ends with .

Answer:- $

19. Given is used to define .

Answer:-  it defines scene of the scenario.

20. To get a random variable, :

Answer:-  (?:love|hate|like)

21. Gherkin supports for the language :

Answer:- Supports around 60 well knows languages In our script file 

22. @Given starts with . :

Answer: –  ^

23. Which one of the following option is true about BDD framework : 2,4 But is used to : Remove repetitive Then Tag is used for . :

Answer:-  All these options are true.

24. Command to install and run cucumber test is . : 

Answer:- mvn clear install

25. is a BDD tool : 

Answer:- All of the options 

26. Feature file extensions is : .

Answer:- feature 

27. Gherkin will take care of the requirement: 

Answer:- True

28. Command to run the Cucumber file is : @RunWith(Cucumber. Class) And is used to .

Answer:-  Remove repetitive feature

29. To comment, we use . :

Answer:- #comment

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30. Scenario is used in file for :

Answer:- business rule

31. When is used to define . : It defines the event or an action Data table is separation can be done using . :

Answer:- |data|

32. Gherkin has two sections namely . :Both feature and Scenario Cucumber feature file is written in .

Answer: Gherkin

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