Service Deployment Concepts Basics and Interview Question-Answer

Service Deployment Concepts

What is a service deployment?

A service deployment is a configuration of a collection of SAS Foundation Services that specifies the data necessary to instantiate the services, as well as dependencies upon other services. You create service deployments for applications that will deploy or access the services.

Service Deployment Concepts MCQs:-

Q.1 Which of these is a containerization technology?

 A. Boxfuse

       B. Packer

       C. Aminator

       D. Docker

Ans : Docker

Q.2 The following are containerization technologies, except __________

       A. Solaris Zones

       B. VMWare

       C. Docker

       D. LXC

Ans : VMWare

Q.3 The following strategies will deploy new software to your users at once, except ________.

       A. Red-Black Deployment

       B. A/B Deployment

       C. Canary Release

       D. Blue-Green Deployment

Ans : Canary Release

Q.4 ______ is a standard protocol used for synchronous communication.

       A. REST

       B. STOMP

Ans : REST

Q.5 Docker is focused on ______ containerization.

A. System

       B. Application

Ans : Application

Q.6 Consider you have an application that does not work correctly in Windows 10 but works fine in Windows XP. Which of the following can be used in your Windows 10 machine to work the application?

       A. Virtual Machine

       B. Docker

Ans : Virtual Machine

Q.7 _______ can be deployed on top of _________.

       A. Containers, VMS

       B. VMS, Containers

Ans : Containers, VMS

Q.8 You can run multiple OS using ________.

       A. Containers

       B. VMS

Ans : VMS

Q.9 Which of the following strategies will you choose to deploy new software to your users slowly?

       A. Canary Release

       B. Blue-Green Deployment

Ans : Canary Release

Q.10 ________ applications are easy to develop.

       A. Microservice

       B. Monolithic

Ans : Monolithic

Q.11 Red-Black deployment can be implemented on _________ applications.

       A. Microservice

       B. Monolithic

Ans : Microservice

Q.12 Client and service need not be available at the same time in ___________.

       A. Asynchronous Communication

       B. Synchronous Communication

Ans : Asynchronous Communication

Q.13 Service Mesh is a framework that handles the cross-cutting concerns like logging, service registration, etc.

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : False

Q.14 ________ has delay in response.

       A. Asynchronous Communication

       B. Synchronous Communication

Ans : Asynchronous Communication

Q.15 You can handle service-to-service communication using _________.

       A. Service Mesh

       B. Microservice Chassis

       C. Both the options

       D. None of the options

Ans : Microservice Chassis

Q.16 Which of the following is an open-source messaging system for asynchronous communication?

       A. Apache Kafka


       C. RAML

       D. None of the options

Ans : Apache Kafka

Q.17 The following are all Container Focused (micro) Operating Systems, except _________.

       A. Ubuntu Xenial

       B. VMware Photon

       C. Ubuntu Core

       D. RancherOS

Ans : Ubuntu Xenial

Q.18 Which of the following will you use to run the maximum number of particular applications on a minimum number of servers?

       A. Virtual Machine

       B. Docker

Ans : Docker

Q.19 Which of the following will you use to run multiple applications on servers with a variety of OS?

       A. Virtual Machine

       B. Docker

Ans : Virtual Machine

Q.20 Docker is popularly used for running applications (application containers). Can you also use Docker for running OS (system containers)?

       A. True

       B. False

Ans : True

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Q.21 A computer on which a hypervisor runs one or more Virtual Machines is called a _______ machine.

       A. Host

       B. Guest

Ans : Host

Q.22 Which technology sits on top of a single OS?

       A. Docker

       B. Virtual Machine

Ans : Docker

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