Which of the following is an herbicide?

Category: QuestionsWhich of the following is an herbicide?
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Which of the following is an herbicide?
(a) Endrin
(b) Lindane
(c) Sodium chloride
(d) Sodium arsinite
This question was addressed to me in examination.
My enquiry is from Environmental Chemistry in division Environmental Chemistry of Chemistry – Class 11
Select the correct answer from above options 
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1 Answers
Editor">Editor Staff answered 1 year ago

Correct answer is (d) Sodium arsinite
For explanation: Sodium arsinite is an herbicide. It is less persistent but toxic to mammals. It decomposes in a few months. Like organo-chemicals, this will also get concentrated in the food web. Some herbicides can also cause birth defects. Other examples of herbicides include diclofop, sodium chlorate, etc.