Which of the following activities can be automated through ChatOps?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: BlockchainWhich of the following activities can be automated through ChatOps?
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Which of the following activities can be automated through ChatOps?
i) Performing server configuration changes
ii) Creating and tracking issues
iii) Troubleshooting issues
iv) All the options mentioned

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Correct Answer is ii) Creating and tracking issues
Tools that developers and operating personals specifically the managers use are incorporated into a collaborative interactive environment to improve tracking and automatic incident response. Creating and tracking issues can be automated through ChatOps.
ChatOps is a way to connect humans with the processes and technical systems they work with. It allows operations and engineering teams to communicate with their applications and infrastructure in the same way they communicate with teammates. From one central collaboration tool such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, engineers and IT professionals alike can talk to each other, work cross-functionally and run operations and commands directly through chat.

This creates a real-time system for managing production incidents while automatically maintaining detailed documentation of communication and process during an incident.
ChatOps is sometimes represented to as conversation oriented collaboration or DevOps.
ChatOps is as a communication tool used by chat clients, chatbots and real-time communicative tools to facilitate software development and operational practice and is communicated and executed.
In a ChatOps space, as the chat client serves as the primary communication channel for ongoing activities.
The type of ChatOps you implement will depend on the type of service you build and maintain. You could even take advantage of ChatOps automation in customer-facing applications and use it to improve customer interactions with your products and services.