What is y in \(\int_a^b\)f(y) dy called as?

Category: QuestionsWhat is y in \(\int_a^b\)f(y) dy called as?
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What is y in \(\int_a^b\)f(y) dy called as?
(a) Random variable
(b) Dummy symbol
(c) Integral
(d) Integrand
The question was asked during an online exam.
My doubt is from Definite Integral in portion Integrals of Mathematics – Class 12
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Right answer is (b) Dummy symbol
For explanation: In \(\int_a^b\)f(y) dy ‘a’ is the called as lower limit and ‘b’ is called the upper limit of the integral. The fuction ‘f’ in \(\int_a^b\)f(y) dy is called the integrand. The letter ‘y’ is a dummy symbol and can be replaced by any other symbol.