What is Predicate Delegate in C#?

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What is Predicate Delegate in C#?

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Predicate is the delegate like Func and Action delegates. It represents a method containing a set of criteria and checks whether the passed parameter meets those criteria. A predicate delegate methods must take one input parameter and return a boolean – true or false.
The Predicate delegate is defined in the System namespace, as shown below:
Predicate signature: public delegate bool Predicate<in T>(T obj);
Same as other delegate types, Predicate can also be used with any method, anonymous method, or lambda expression.

Example: Predicate delegate

static bool IsUpperCase(string str)
    return str.Equals(str.ToUpper());

static void Main(string[] args)
    Predicate<string> isUpper = IsUpperCase;

    bool result = isUpper("hello world!!");