What is Encarsia perplexa example of?

Category: QuestionsWhat is Encarsia perplexa example of?
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What is Encarsia perplexa example of?
(a) Klepto-parasite
(b) Adelpho-parasite
(c) Endo-parasite
(d) Ecto-parasite
I had been asked this question by my school principal while I was bunking the class.
The above asked question is from Population Interactions-2 topic in chapter Organisms and Populations of Biology – Class 12

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Correct choice is (b) Adelpho-parasite
The explanation is: Encarsia perplexa, a wasp of the family Aphelinidae is an example of adelpho-parasite. It is a parasitoid of the citrus blackfly and is a native of India and Vietnam. It was recorded as a new species in 1998.