What can be used to monitor clock drifts?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhat can be used to monitor clock drifts?
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What can be used to monitor clock drifts?
i) SSH
ii) HTTP
iii) JMX
iv) NTP

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Correct Answer is iv) NTP
Network Time Protocol (NTP), a protocol for synchronizing a set of network clocks using a set of distributed
clients and servers. NTP is built on the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) , which provides a connectionless transport mechanism. It is evolved from the Time Protocol and the ICMP Timestamp message and is a suitable replacement for both. NTP is used to monitor clock drifts

NTP provides the protocol mechanisms to synchronize time in principle to precisions in the order of nanoseconds while preserving a non-ambiguous date, at least for this century. The protocol includes provisions to specify the precision and estimated error of the local clock and the characteristics of the reference clock to which it may
be synchronized. However, the protocol itself specifies only the data representation and message formats and does not specify the synchronizing algorithms or filtering mechanisms.