What are Indexers in C#?

Category: C SharpWhat are Indexers in C#?
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What are Indexers in C#?

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C# introduces a new concept known as Indexers which are used for treating an object as an array. The indexers are usually known as smart arrays in C#. They are not an essential part of object-oriented programming.

Defining an indexer allows you to create classes that act as virtual arrays. Instances of that class can be accessed using the [] array access operator.
Creating an Indexer 


  1. < modifier > <    
  2. return type > this[argument list] {    
  3.     get {    
  4.         // your get block code    
  5.     }    
  6.     set {    
  7.         // your set block code    
  8.     }    
  9. }    

In the above code,
can be private, public, protected or internal.
<return type>
can be any valid C# types.