What applications come with APEX?

Category: QuestionsWhat applications come with APEX?
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The current version of the APEX make allowance to the programmer for downloading pre- packaged applications to us for learning from and/or modify for our own uses. We can currently download it (form Oracle’s Technology site):
1. Employee Directory Lookup – This is exactly the same what it sounds like.
2. Ask The Expert – It is the Question and Answer Site ala “asktom”.
3. Bug Tracker – It is used for logging and tracking bug reports.
4. Discussion Forum – It is used for threaded chat, user management and more.
5. Document Library – It is the multi-user document repository (Word, Excel, etc).
6. Project Issue Tracker – It is used for defining, assigning and reporting project issues.
7. Online Store – It is used as catalog and shopping cart.
8. Software Projects – It works as the Project task tracker.