The following blockchains support smart contracts, except ______.

DWQA QuestionsCategory: BlockchainThe following blockchains support smart contracts, except ______.
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The following blockchains support smart contracts, except ______.
ii)Hyperledger Fabric

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A smart contract is executable code that runs on top of the blockchain to facilitate, execute and enforce an
agreement between untrusted parties without the involvement of a trusted third party. Smart contracts are one of the most popular and talked about subjects being built in the blockchain industry. As processes are increasingly digitalised, it is becoming necessary to find a way to make reliable, digital business agreements. blockchains support smart contracts, except Bitcoin.

Smart contracts are a great alternative for replacing traditional contracts, that are often complex, slow and expensive Smart contract programming enables you to trade cash, property, shares, or anything of significant worth in a straightforward way while keeping away from the administrations of a middleman. The innovation of
smart contract applications can be compared to a candy machine, wherein dropping a bitcoin can vend out your driver’s permit, or whatever drops into your record. Smart contracts blockchain possesses the ability to defy the rules & penalties just like a customary contract.

In this paper, we conduct a systematic mapping study to collect all research that is relevant to smart contracts from a technical perspective