The dimensions of energy are _____

Category: QuestionsThe dimensions of energy are _____
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The dimensions of energy are _____
(a) [ML^2T^-2]
(b) [MLT^-2]
(c) [ML^2T^-1]
(d) [MLT^-1]
This question was posed to me in semester exam.
The doubt is from Various Forms of Energy : The Law of Conservation of Energy in division Work, Energy and Power of Physics – Class 11
Select the correct answer from above options 
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1 Answers
Editor">Editor Staff answered 1 year ago

The correct choice is (a) [ML^2T^-2]
To elaborate: Energy = Force x Displacement
Units of energy = kg x (m/s^2) x m
 = kg x m^2 x s^-2
Dimensions of energy = [ML^2T^-2].