Should static files be placed in the database?

Category: QuestionsShould static files be placed in the database?
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Application Express applications may be referencing the additional external files such as cascading style sheets (CSS), images and Javascript libraries. These are the images which can either be placed on the file system of the server that runs the web server or when they are uploaded by making use of Application Express’s application builder which can be stored inside the database.
The benefit of managing the files such as images and CSS in the database with the application builder is that they can be easily exported and imported into another Application Express environment or workspace by making use of a browser. However storing the related files in the database is recommended only when we are having relatively few images and when the application is not expected for enduring high request throughput.
When images, CSS and Javascript libraries are getting stored in the database, a database connection is established each time the browser requests one of these files. In a high throughput application this may result in undue and unwanted strain on the database.