Say about the statement “APEX a RAD Tool”?

Category: QuestionsSay about the statement “APEX a RAD Tool”?
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As we can see that the APEX is so firmly incorporated into the database, we would prototype screens while sitting with the client. The Object Browser helps in enabling us to make database questions, for example, tables not with standing seeing those same articles. This allows us to make protests on the fly and after that construct tables around those articles.
The IDE, includes the above Table developer and all applications that are kept running inside a browser. Turnaround time is quick. As the APEX is revelatory then we can without much of a stretch roll out improvements progressively by means of the implicit wizards.
Since APEX controls the session data for all of us and because we utilize the security structure incorporated with the Oracle Database, we would concentrate deliver the applications, not on association setup and another typical advancement time wasters.