\int \frac{dx}{x(x^2+1)} equals ______

Category: Questions\int \frac{dx}{x(x^2+1)} equals ______
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\int \frac{dx}{x(x^2+1)} equals ______
(a) log|x| – \frac{1}{2} log(x^2+1) + C
(b) log|x| + \frac{1}{2} log(x^2+1) + C
(c) –log|x| + \frac{1}{2} log(x^2+1) + C
(d) \frac{1}{2} log|x| + log(x^2+1) + C
I got this question by my college professor while I was bunking the class.
The doubt is from Integration by Partial Fractions topic in division Integrals of Mathematics – Class 12
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Right choice is (a) log|x| – \frac{1}{2} log(x^2+1) + C
Explanation: We know that \int \frac{dx}{x(x^2+1)} = \frac{A}{x} + \frac{Bx+C}{x^2+1}
By simplifying it we get, \int \frac{dx}{x(x^2+1)}=\frac{(A+B) x^2+Cx+A}{x(x^2+1)}
Now equating the coefficients we get A = 0, B = 0, C=1.
\int \frac{dx}{x(x^2+1)} = \int \frac{dx}{x} + \int \frac{-xdx}{(x^2+1)}
Therefore after integrating we get log|x| – \frac{1}{2} log(x^2+1) + C.