How to Accessing Tuple Elements in C#?

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How to Accessing Tuple Elements in C#?

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A tuple elements can be accessed with Item<elementNumber> properties, e.g., Item1, Item2, Item3, and so on up to Item7 property. The Item1 property returns the first element, Item2 returns the second element, and so on. The last element (the 8th element) will be returned using the Rest property.

Example: Accessing Tuple Elements

var person = Tuple.Create(1, "Steve", "Jobs");
person.Item1; // returns 1
person.Item2; // returns "Steve"
person.Item3; // returns "Jobs"

var numbers = Tuple.Create("One", 2, 3, "Four", 5, "Six", 7, 8);
numbers.Item1; // returns "One"
numbers.Item2; // returns 2
numbers.Item3; // returns 3
numbers.Item4; // returns "Four"
numbers.Item5; // returns 5
numbers.Item6; // returns "Six"
numbers.Item7; // returns 7
numbers.Rest; // returns (8)
numbers.Rest.Item1; // returns 8

Generally, the 8th position is for the nested tuple, which you can access using the Rest property.