How does APEX integrate with the database?

Category: QuestionsHow does APEX integrate with the database?
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Oracle Application Express is defined as purely a database application. The IDE, the menus, and all of the screens we see in APEX are written in PL/SQL. The meta data for all of those screens, reports and menus are getting stored in the relational tables within the database. When we point our browser at the APEX URL, the Oracle HTTP listener (Apache +mod_plsql or the PL/SQL gateway, depending on database version) receives that call and it uses PL/SQL and the meta data stored in database tables for painting the welcome screen.
When we log into APEX then we are using an actual database user ID. This user ID is having association with a role within the database and these roles determine what access the programmer will have. If we are an administrator then we are having access to create users and workspaces.
As a developer we have access for creating new applications. If we are configured as an end-user then we will be able to run one or more applications. Oracle Application Express is integrated with the Oracle Database as no environment is. If we want to extend the basic functionality of APEX, there is no requirement for learning additional languages or link in additional libraries. On the rare occasions we need to extend functionality then we will either use SQL for data access or PL/SQL when there is requirement of the procedural code.