How do I separate development from production environment?

Category: QuestionsHow do I separate development from production environment?
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Depending on the requirements for the availability of the application, the size of the user population and other factors we can decide how to divide the development environment from the production environment. For certain applications, it is acceptable for combining the development server with the deployment server as long as the end users understands that sometimes the application is not available.
Other applications may also have the requirement of two (development and production) or even three (development, test and production) servers. In Application Express, applications can be moved from environment to environment by making use of an export and import facility for application definitions.
With one server availability for running the database and Application Express, we can still be able to separate the development version of an application from its production version by making use of the two workspaces accessing separate schemas. In this case one workspace will be used by the developers and the other will be the workspace in which the application is deployed in production.