Determine the value of K?

Category: QuestionsDetermine the value of K?
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Determine the value of K?
(a) 1/5
(b) 2/5
(c) 1/6
(d) 1/2
This question was addressed to me during an online exam.
This question is from Random Variables and its Probability Distributions in division Probability of Mathematics – Class 12
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1 Answers
Editor">Editor Staff answered 11 months ago

Right answer is (c) 1/6
Explanation: We know that ∑P(xi)=1
 P(X) = P(X=0) + P(X=1) + P(X=2) + P(X=3)
1 = 0 + k + 2k + 3k
1 = 6k
K = 1/6