Compute ∫cos(x)-\frac {3}{x4}dx.

Category: QuestionsCompute ∫cos(x)-\frac {3}{x4}dx.
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Compute ∫cos(x)-\frac {3}{x4}dx.
(a) sin(x)+\frac {3}{4}x^-7+c
(b) sec(x)+\frac {3}{4}x^-3+c
(c) sin(x)+\frac {3}{4}x^-3
(d) sin(x)+\frac {3}{4}x^-3+c
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Correct answer is (d) sin(x)+\frac {3}{4}x^-3+c
For explanation: ∫cos(x)-\frac {3}{x4}dx = ∫cos(x) dx−∫3(x^-4) dx
= sin(x)+\frac {3}{4}x^-3+c