Can you state some of the uses of APEX?

Category: QuestionsCan you state some of the uses of APEX?
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Below are
some of the uses of APEX?
● It helps in fabricating the proficient looking web applications which are both efficient and secure.
● It keeps running on and lives in the Oracle database. The Apex framework and metadata are put away in Oracle tables.
● It is FREE and there is no requirement of authorization in this.
● It also has quick expectation for learning and adapting to build the application.
● The application deployment is as simple as ‘Export and Import’ if hardcoded references of values that change between situations are avoided from this.
● It is having the parcel of extension for customization of use, look and feel.
● It is adaptable for high client volume. ASKTOM, previous ORACLE METALINK and MANY APPLICATIONS are mainly built utilizing APEX.
● It can usually be configured for utilizing Oracle SSO and EBS fnd client repository.