Are there any limitations in using Oracle XE?

Category: QuestionsAre there any limitations in using Oracle XE?
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XE is free but the Oracle is having certain limitations into the product. The first limitation is the memory of it. Oracle Database XE is able to address only 1GB of RAM. This limitation is mainly affects how many users can access the database concurrently and how well it will perform.
The second limitation is that XE will only be using one CPU. XE will be running on a multi -CPU computer but it won’t scale up for using those CPUs. This functionality has a requirement of Oracle Database Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition.
The third limitation is that only a single XE database will be running on any given computer. We also do not need a database for each application. Instead the Oracle make use of the concept of schemas to separate applications. Finally, a 4GB limit is enforced on disk space. 4GB is a huge amount of storage for most applications. You can also use APEX to link to other databases (on other servers) for more storage as needed.