Adding î + 77ĵ and 7î + ĵ gives ______

Category: QuestionsAdding î + 77ĵ and 7î + ĵ gives ______
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Adding î + 77ĵ and 7î + ĵ gives ______
(a) 8î + 78ĵ
(b) 0î + 76ĵ
(c) î + 74ĵ
(d) 78î + 8ĵ
I had been asked this question in an interview for job.
This interesting question is from Vector Addition topic in portion Motion in a Plane of Physics – Class 11
Select the correct answer from above options 
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1 Answers
Editor">Editor Staff answered 1 year ago

The correct choice is (a) 8î + 78ĵ
Explanation: When î + 77ĵ is added to 7î + ĵ, the corresponding components get added. Hence, the answer is 8î + 78ĵ.