Python training: Prepare for a career in data science


Now you can learn to become a Python programmer in just a few hours, then continue to advance your tech career as a data scientist.

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The most successful businesses base their decisions on cold, hard facts. That is one thing that has led to the growth of big data and given data scientists everywhere job security. If you want to switch to one of the most in-demand jobs in the tech industry, starting with learning the easiest and most popular programming language, then the affordable Complete Python Data Science Bundle is all you need. Best of all, you can train at your own pace without having to take any time away from your current job.

You don’t even have to complete all of the courses in this bundle before you are qualified to start applying for jobs because you can jump right in with An Easy Introduction to Python and become a programmer within a matter of hours. You can start gathering resume and interview tips at that point even as you dive even deeper into the language to level up your skills with An Easy Introduction To Machine Learning Using Scikit-Learn.

Then you can actually start building machine learning apps using the intuitive framework you’ll learn in Learn By Example: Apache MXNet. Next up is adding artificial intelligence to your skillset with An Easy Introduction To AI And Deep Learning, which will cover self-driving cars, Siri and more. Learn By Example: PyTorch gives you more artificial intelligence experience.

Of course, collecting data isn’t enough by itself: It needs to be analyzed. You’ll learn how to gain valuable insights from your data in Learn By Example: Spark 2.x. And one of the best ways to do that is to present the data visually. Learn By Example: Plotly and Learn By Example: Matplotlib teaches you how to create professional charts, graphs and plots, while Learn By Example: Seaborn also explains how to condense mounds of data into detailed insights using powerful visualization.

Learn By Example: Spark Streaming 2.x uses real-life examples to teach you how to handle continuous data like a master. Then you’ll complete your toolbox with two essential Python libraries, Learn By Example: NumPy and Learn By Example: Pandas.

Don’t pass up this chance to train immediately as a Python programmer and advance into one of the hottest careers in tech with in-depth data science courses. Grab The Complete Python Data Science Bundle today while it’s only $37 (normally $1,189).

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