Learn everything you need to know about Python, GitHub, SQL, Kubernetes and more


You can get paid more and work from anywhere with the programming and IT skills you’ll get from this e-learning bundle.

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One of the very few good things to come out of the recent pandemic is the more widespread acceptance of remote working. And there are few things better than a tech career for allowing you to live and work from anywhere. The 2021 Ultimate GitOps Certification Bundle is now available for only $34.99, and it offers more than you might expect from its name. Best of all, you can train at your own pace to get the skills you need quickly and inexpensively without taking any time off from your current job.

For instance, you can go from a complete novice to expert in one of the world’s most popular programming languages with the “Learn to Code with Python” course. Former students have rated it an impressive 4.7 out of five stars. The instructor, Boris Paskhaver, was awarded the same rating. A software engineer, consultant and author, Paskhaver breaks down his complex subject matter into small, step-by-step instructions.

Or maybe you’d just like to get started in SQL, which you can do with “Learn Basic SQL with SQL Server Express,” which was designed for beginners. There’s even a course that will give you a template and teach you how to design a website with no coding whatsoever, “The Quickest 2021 Guide to Develop Your Web without Code Skills.”

It’s assumed these days that developers of all skill levels know how to use Git and GitHub, but that’s not always the case. This bundle has five courses to teach you all you need to know about them. The “Git Essentials for Beginners” course will take you from novice to expert, but there are others to add to your skills. At the other extreme, you may not have even heard of Kubernetes, but it’s a large ecosystem that’s growing rapidly, and there are two courses for beginners in this bundle.

Now you can change your life by switching to a new well-paid tech career; just grab The 2021 Ultimate GitOps Certification Bundle while it’s on sale for just $34.99 (the regular price is $2,200).

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