How to Remove Every type of Stain in Your Home in 5 Minutes?

Throughout the festive periods your home can experience all kinds of busy scenarios, from family gatherings to New Year’s parties, and there’s no hiding from the fact that some accidents are quite likely to happen. Every Type of  Stain removal is the process of removing a mark or spot left by one substance on a specific surface like a fabric. A solvent or detergent is generally used to conduct stain removal and many of these are available over the counter.

From red wine spillages to turkey grease on the carpet, it’s not always possible to prepare your home completely for the festive season ahead. Here are a handful of accidents that could occur, and how you can make it look as though nothing happened at all.

Table of Contents

  • Type of Stain – Oil Stains
  • Type of Stain -Red Wine Stains
  • Type of Stain -Coffee Stains
  • Type of Stain – Candle Wax Issues
  • Type of Stain – Gravy Spillages

Type of Stain – Oil Stains

Almost every meal you can think of contains some kind of oil. Whether you’re enjoying some delicious fish, or you simply fancy a sneaky pancake for breakfast, there’s no escaping oil in our meals and once spilt, it’s a very frustrating stain to remove. Whether you get the oil stain on your carpet, tablecloth or even clothing, this cleaning hack will help rectify any kind of oil incident. Pour some Cornflower onto the stained area and then cover with a paper towel.

The paper towel will then absorb the cornflower and oil as much as it can, resulting in some of the stain fading away. Using a hot iron, iron over the paper towel to really set the Cornflower into the stained area. Remove the paper towels and you’ll see your stain has gone, just like that! It’s best to wipe away any excess Cornflower as you don’t want a white patch on your lovely carpets or clothing!

Type of Stain -Red Wine Stains

When you are getting the grocery and the fell out on floor , the stain can be tough to remove. As one of the most feared drinks around, red wine has to be the devil when it comes to any occasion. From a quick glass of wine in the kitchen to enjoying a bottle in the living room with friends, you can rest assured that danger seems to follow red wine wherever it goes. It is really tough to get stain out of carpet as well, as it leave the marks of wine on carpet.

There are so many myths about red wine stains, and as hard as they may be to remove, they’re not impossible. Wherever your stain may be, soak the area in some Methylated Spirit, then using White Vinegar wash the stain off. Finally, rinse the area down with some lukewarm water and your stain will have vanished.

Remember not to rub a red wine stain into ANY surfaces, as once you’ve rubbed the liquid too far into the material it becomes much harder to remove.

Type of Stain -Coffee Stains

One of the most popular non-alcoholic drinks of the festive season always seems to be coffee. The perfect drink to start and end the night, and it’s something that we all rely on for some additional Christmas spirit and energy.

If you happen to spill your coffee, the best way to remove this stain is to spray the area with some cool water. If your stain is on carpet, use absorbent cloths to dab the area and then follow this up with 1 tbsp. of white vinegar and warm water.

Blot the area again with the absorbent cloth or sponge with cold water and your stain will no longer be visible!

Type of Stain – Candle Wax Issues

There’s nothing more Christmassy and magical than the gentle glow of candlelight. With the beautiful glow and warming aroma, candles are the perfect finishing touch to any room over the festive period. Candles do, however, like many other lovely things, come with a safety hazard.

Putting the obvious fire hazard aside, you also have to be careful of candle wax. Not only does candle wax burn if you get it onto your skin when it’s hot, but it can also cause staining when it drops onto specific materials. Dependant on the colour of the wax, most stains are actually quite straight forward to remove.

First of all, allow the wax plenty of time to cool down and harden, as this will prevent any of the wax being rubbed into the material when wet and creating a larger stain. Gently scrape the wax with a spoon, knife or ruler (dependant on the surface or material the wax is on). Position some fabric over the wax stain and place a warm iron, gently on top.

If the stain is really deep and you feel it needs a little extra help, add some liquid detergent to the area and was with warm or how water.

Type of Stain – Gravy Spillages

As one of the busiest rooms in the house over the festive period, the kitchen can suffer from a fair few spillages, splashbacks and general issues that occur throughout the cooking process. One of the most overlooked sauces that can cause difficult stains is gravy.

That beloved sauce that makes Christmas dinner that extra bit special. Whether you spill your gravy down your kitchen doors or it drips onto the carpet, it’s really important to remove the stain as soon as you can. Scrape the excess gravy away with a spoon, and then blot the area with a dry cloth.

You then need to dab the area with a sponge, soaked in warm water. If the stain is on the carpet, then add 1 tbsp. of white vinegar and washing up liquid, then sponge away with your damp sponge.

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