How to Auto Follow Twitter Users Using Twitter Service

Twitter is one of the powerful social media tool now that almost everyone uses who is using Smartphone. There is always a question arises in mind as how to auto follow Twitter users using Twitter. Now a days everything is automated to some extent and doing so Many Social media experts suggest it’s a good to follow back new Twitter followers.

However, There are many experts also suggest to have a Twitter account profile which is used for selected and targeted followers only.

Follow Twitter Users Using Twitter Service

On Twitter, everyone wants to Auto Follow and get followed back, but making this process automated may result in many problems and issues like you auto following spam and automated Twitter profiles and sometimes the profile gets locked as well from Twitter.

However, you can easily use some filter to filter out the spam profiles using tools like Tweinds or Tweetdeck.

Twitter is a free Social media service that help you to keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick chat and messaging, frequent answers to two simple questions:

  1. What are you doing?
  2. Where are you?

It’s suggested to follow your new followers friends to create a better relationship using the tweets with them, and if you are a Frequent Twitter user, you may also want to automate your Twitter profile as much as possible so that the Job is done even when you are not connected or online.

Auto Follow Twitter Users Without Lifting A Finger

There are many tools available in the market but I found this best one SocialOomph which used to be known as Tweetlater. This service is more than just the typical auto follow twitter tool , it provides many other features as well. We will be going to review the Auto Follow Twitter Feature in this blog.

This tool has both free and a pro version. The free version lets you auto follow Twitter function, and below I have explained the whole process.

It has the below features which are self explained for Single User post to the pro users of Twitter.

Individual Users on SocialOomph
Manage your own social posting, and those of your clients, in one account. Easily partition client data with the team feature and tags.

For the Users with Teams on SocialOomph
Add associates to your account, assign privileges, and organize them in teams. Authorize teams to work on selected social profiles and blogs. Configure post approval where required.

Below are the some of the automated tasks performed by SocialOomph

  • Discord channels
  • Facebook pages
  • Pinterest boards
  • Reddit subreddits
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Mastodon profiles
  • StockTwits profiles
  • Twitter profiles

SocialOomph provides you with functionalities like scheduling later of your tweets, Automated sending a welcome message to your followers, and, of course, allows you to auto follow Twitter users.

Go to SocialOomph, register, and log in. Now go to “Manage Account” and click on the Twitter account you want to use for auto following your followers.

After “Follow-Back”, click on the box that says: Follow-back new people who follow the account.

Auto Follow Twitter Users Setup

So, once you have enabled this feature, it not only auto follows Twitter followers, but also allows you to configure sending an automated message to these followers.

This will not only help you to add personalization but you can also add followers to click through to your landing page.

I usually ask new followers to connect on my Facebook fan page, but you can have your own strategy.

Speaking of new Twitter followers, you can connect with me on Twitter @madanswer2

Well, I usually use SocialOomph to auto follow Twitter users who have followed me, though I would love to know if you use any other alternate Twitter services.

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