How Excessive Use of Mobile Phone Effects Badly on Face

How use of mobile phone effects Human Body?

According to doctors mobile lowered can become cause of lowered neck, eye fatigue and facial scars and spots. According to experts, people look their mobiles phone dozens of time whose bad effects can make their face ugly. Experts say that even if it is to read the text, talk or be scrolling men and women see their mobiles from eighty five to ninety times in a day which can become the cause of jaw hanging pimples as well. London Vision Clinic experts say that it can be so dangerous for eyes to look mobile phones constantly.

All of us know that it harms the vision to operate computer for long time while sitting on chair. That’s why is repeatedly said that it should be look away from computer for some time in order to compensate for this loss.

According to experts by smart phone we read everything on cell phone either it is e-mail or twitter and this tool axel in our hand does not let to take rest to our eyes and we do not break this cycle. Experts say that we just blink four to eight times while watching phone, usually this process is done eighteen to twenty time, this can create problem of roughness and blurred vision. So it is important not to reduce the process of blinking and drink more water.Eyes are the most vulnerable part of our body and hence this is the mostly Mobile phone effected.

Mobile Phone Effect :Pimples and Acne on Face

According to Harley Medical Group experts your phone is placed on different places and it gathers germs and bacteria more than you expect and if you are masher of long phone calls then these germs can become the cause of acne and pimples by sticking with skin. These germs and bacteria trap in the pores of skin and damages it and its reason is that phone is glued to skin directly and bacteria are transfer to skin. According to experts, the best solution of it is that if anti-bacterial swipes are available then mobile phones should be clean from them daily. so not only mobile phone effects your body from outside but inside too from Germs and bad Bacteria.

Mobile Phone Effect :Stress in Muscles and Bended Neck

Working on mobiles or tablets by bowing of head neck carries horizontal wrinkles on it and there comes a minor curve which is named as “Take neck”. That’s why neck should be straight while using phone because the neck skin is relatively thin and delicate. Fitness experts say that it is better to be hung phone for a few hours, go for walk, meet friends or read a book and save your neck. Nutritional experts’ advice to eat green vegetables, vitamin C, and strawberries to rescue from it.

In addition muscle connecting jaw to shoulder may also be provoked by the mobile phone use who can turn down the mouth. Therefore it is essential to do practice to close and open the mouth and press the lips by dragging towards teeth.

Mobile Phone Effect :Dark Spots and Scars on the Skin

All phone and tablets emit blue light, its wavelength is like ultraviolet rays. It has the same effect on the skin and can cause skin rashes and black spots. So phone must be use in lower light and use sub block on skin.

This additional advice has also been given in Lysent report that in spite of walking for an hour it should be just walk for five minutes from every hour and also should take some light exercises during lunch time and in evening (by consult of doctor) then it will be equal to around the day walk. Instead of walking it can be cycling.

Apart from cancer riskmobile phones effects our nervous system. They may cause headaches, decreased attention, shortness of temper, sleep disorders and depression, mostly among teenagers. Users should use mobile phones only for essential needs, specially children should not be provided mobile phones for games. eyes disease are the common known disease from mobile phone effects.

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