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Struggling with backlinks? I am here to help.

Today I am going to tell you an amazing topic which will help you in generating plenty of backlinks with the help of free article submission sites. Also, I am providing you a complete article submission sites list at the end of the article.

article submission

These article submission sites will not only help you in getting backlinks but also helps you in brand exposure. And in today’s time brand value is more important than backlinks.

I am working in the SEO field for a long time. And, if you are also in SEO then I am sure you are aware of the importance of the backlinks and keywords ranking.

To generate backlinks we do lots of Off-Page activities like blog submission, commenting, PDF, Social Bookmarking, Outreach, Guest Posting and many more.

These simple techniques are not only helpful but also provide a great way to build a strong backlinks profile. And once your backlinks profile is strong then your ranking in the Google search engine will be in the top 10.

So, in this article, I am going to discuss the same backlinking and brand exposure technique called “Article Submissions“. It is done with the help of top article submission sites.

First, you create an article and then submit it on various article submission sites to get quality backlinks and brand exposure.

These new article submission sites are free and paid also. If you can spend money then I recommend going for paid websites. They will provide a great value to your websites via backlinks.

Remember, there is a great difference between an article and blog. Don’t do mistake by posting blogs in article submission sites. Here is a quick comparison between a blog and an article:

Article Vs Blog

  1.  A Blog is a new format of writing whereas Article is in trend for years.
  2. A Blog post can be published on a blog house whereas an article can be published on any digital or manual platform.
  3. Blog posts are usually written in the first-person sense. They are conversational, casual, and based on the blogger’s opinion. On the other hand, articles can be information, explanation, news, researched accurate facts, and written in a straightforward, objective tone.
  4. Blog posts are brief, usually 300 words. Articles are in-depth sense and have no words limit.
  5. Blog posts are briefly or not structured. Whereas Articles are fully structured. Consist of various parts like Introduction, heading, sub-headings, bullets, numbers, middle, conclusion etc.

A blog post can be unfinished or just an evolving idea. But, the article is based on verified facts.
So, check the above facts and write articles in the correct sense before publishing them on article submission sites.

Top 5 Benefits of Article Submission Sites

Now let me quickly explain to you the importance of article submission sites in SEO. These websites are very helpful in building a strong backlink profile and many other things. Let me explain them one by one below:

1. Backlinks: Till now backlinks are the backbone of SEO. Nobody can beat your ranking in Search Engines if you have strong backlink profile for your website. You can easily get backlinks from many free article submission sites.

increase DA Article Submission

To do that, write a great article and submit it to free article submission sites by adding proper anchor text tags including a link to your website. Read proper guidelines of the article submission sites before submitting articles.

2. Brand Exposure: Article submission sites are having millions of page views in a month. By publishing your article in the suitable niche will help you in getting lots of new traffic and hence boost your brand visibility.

3. Traffic Generation: If you are publishing your articles in high authority article submission sites then, there are great chances that your website will receive a lot of new traffic. Just write informative and verified facts and people will love to click on your articles and anchor text in them. Hence, you can easily generate a lot of traffic for free.

4. Rank Boosting: Once you start receiving quality backlinks from high DA article submission sites, then Google will automatically boost your search engine ranking due to sathe me niche content and quality backlinks.

5. Building Relations: If people are liking your articles which you have posted then there are chances they want to connect with you. Don’t miss this opportunity and always place your social media profiles links in the bottom of the article. Also, place them on the sidebar of your website.

Apart from these, we have many more benefits of article submission sites for SEO. To know about them please Google it. Now I am sharing a list of article submission sites which will help you in submitting your articles and taking advantages from them. Check the list below:

List of Article Submission Sites with High PR

S. No.Free Image Sharing Sites ListAuthority

Note: Some article submission sites with instant approval are also included in the list. Use this list of article submission sites wisely and grab dozens of quality backlinks.


I hope this article submission sites list 2020 will help you in getting quality backlinks and traffic. Just keep in mind that you have to write awesome and meaningful. These best article submission sites work in all countries like USA, India, UK, Australia, Canada or Singapore. Some of these article submission sites will provide dofollow links also.

If you write anything and post in these sites then your content may not get accepted. Also, they can ban you permanently. If you have any suggestions or queries then please let me know via comments.

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