DC/OS Introduction and MCQs Solution

DC/OS Introduction

DC/OS stands for Data Center Operating System and it lives up to its name. It allows you to think of all of your servers as a single pool of resources.

For many companies, containers have become the standard unit of deployment, and with good reason; containers provide consistency for developers and operations teams. They allow developers to package up their code and dependencies into one unit. Operations teams are able to take the containers and deploy them, regardless of what’s running inside. Once you master deploying and running containers, you’ll have a consistent way to manage your services. 

There’s also a trend where companies are running big data, machine learning, and AI solutions for themselves. Running different types of workloads along side each other can be difficult and costly. If you have servers dedicated to a specific workload such as running Cassandra, then that server probably isn’t being utilized to its potential. 

Luckily DC/OS is able to help tame the complexity of managing containers, as well as to run CI/CD tools, big data, machine learning, and AI services.

DC/OS Questions and Answers

  1. DC/OS is a distributed data center operating system based on –

Answer:- Apache Mesos

  1. DC/OS interface is used for remote management and monitoring of –

Answer:- clusters and services

  1. Mesos is a proprietary software distributed systems kernel at the heart of DC/OS –

Answer:- false

  1. What is the interface that is used to manage services and clusters in DC/OS? –

Answer:- both

  1. DC/OS by itself is a __

Answer:- All

  1. Similar to Linux OS, DC/OS has both system space (aka kernel space) and user space –

Answer:- true

  1. _ accept resource offers and allocate their resources to specific tasks –

Answer:- schedulers

  1. Cluster management by DC/OS is primarily done by _

Answer:- Apache Mesos

  1. A cluster with one master node is used for _

Answer:- development

  1. What are the DC/OS networks? –

Answer:- Infrastructure and Virtual Network

  1. __ is the built-in task scheduler for DC/OS –


  1. ____is the component that provides job functionality for DC/OS –


  1. What is the DC/OS node, in which the user tasks are run? –

Answer:-agent node

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  1. __ Package Repository connects to a library of open source industry-standard schedulers, services, and applications –

Answer:-Mesosphere Universe

  1. What is the DC/OS Command to display the list of config properties? –

Answer:-dcos config show

  1. What is the DC/OS command to list the marathon app? –

Answer:- dcos marathon app list

  1. What is the DC/OS command to print the version information? –

Answer:- both

  1. What is the DC/OS command to validate the config file? –

Answer:-dcos config validate

  1. What is the DC/OS command to log in to DC/OS authentication? –

Answer:-dcos auth login

  1. What is the DC/OS Command to set config properties mesos_master_url? –

Answer:- dcos config set core.mesos_master_url

  1. What is the DC/OS Command to search a package ‘jenkins’? –

Answer:- dcos package search jenkins

  1. Marathon supports a high availability mode of operation using _

Answer:- Zookeeper

  1. Marthon LB is a _

Answer:- north south load balancer

  1. _ displays a comprehensive view of all of the services that you are running –

Answer:- service tab

  1. A Mesos executor is a method by which Mesos agents launch tasks –

Answer:- true

  1. _ provides service discovery within DC/OS clusters –

Answer:- Mesos-DNS

  1. Minuteman is a __

Answer:- east west load balancer

  1. DC/OS does not support Container Networking Interface (CNI) –

Answer:- false

  1. _ is used to set up an HTTP proxy in front of the DC/OS Admin Router –

Answer:- HAProxy

  1. DC/OS does not provide metrics for _
    Answer:- Mesos
  2. Which is an incorrect way to retrieve the logs in DC/OS? – –

Answer:- none

32.__is the home page of the DC/OS web interface and provides an overview of your DC/OS cluster –

Answer:- Dashboard Panel

  1. DC/OS web interface includes link CLI installation –

Answer:- true

  1. Minuteman is a –

Answer:- east west load balanacer

  1. ZooKeeper is a high performance coordination service to manage DC/OS –

Answer:- False

  1. Which is a valid way to install DC/OS Web interface? –

Answer:- Not DC /OS

  1. To access the logs of the agent node, we need __mesos
    Answer:- id
  2. Which is an incorrect way to retrieve the logs in DC/OS?
    Answer:- none
  3. DC/OS Web interface provides _ tab to manage user access.

Answer:- Organisation Tab

  1. DC/OS repositories can be managed from __ tab in DC/OS Web interface
    Answer:- User Access TAB
  2. Which is not a valid storage option for DC/OS – External Persistent Volumes /mOUNT dISK – wrong

Answer:- Local Persistent

  1. What is the DC/OS Command to search a package ‘cassandra’? – None- wrong ( but google this is none only)

Answer:- describe / show

  1. Which is not a valid node in DC/OS?

Answer:- Master Node

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