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From game development to app development, here are some of the coolest developer jobs out there.

Every tech tool we use on the daily, from our favorite shopping app to our mobile phone, was brought to life through the skill of a developer. These IT professionals work to write, test, and launch critical software solutions and applications for various operating systems.

Developers must perform a wide range of duties, depending on their niche. For example, iOS developers are responsible for creating iOS applications specifically for Apple devices. And JavaScript developers are responsible for designing interactive elements for websites and web-based applications.

As technology continuously evolves, both aspiring and experienced developers can choose from many unique career paths. 

These hiring kits from TechRepublic Premium dive deep into four of these developer roles, including job descriptions, skills required, and what to expect in your day-to-day work.

iOS developers are the brains behind the apps we use on our iPhones and iPads. These developers create and code applications specifically for the iOS platform, consistent with their company’s goals. This includes ensuring a solid app user experience, no matter which iOS device is used.

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Designing the modern, interactive websites consumers crave requires the talent of a JavaScript developer. These developers work with a team to maintain, enhance, and build interactive elements for websites using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. And they must do so while connecting these elements seamlessly to backend services.

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Game developers bring our favorite games to life through expert programming. While these developers must program software to execute the vision of the game, they must also be able to take the artistic concepts found inside a game universe and turn them into code. Game developers are also responsible for fixing potential bugs and troubleshooting design issues.

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Android is one of the primary operating systems that support mobile devices. Android developers design, code, and test applications written specifically for various versions of Android OS. This includes ensuring all apps work as intended on a wide range of mobile devices, from tablets to phones.

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