Best SEO Tools: Get Free SEO Tools List [Updated 2021]

I am sure you won’t. It is not possible though.😄 Same with the SEO. If you really want to win the SEO game, then you need the best SEO tools to stand out of the crowd.

These SEO tools will not only help you in getting organic traffic but also helps in increasing revenue.💵

Free SEO Tools

So, in this guide, I am mentioning a best SEO tools list which are available free over the internet. I am also, including some paid tools. If you can buy them, you can!

I am writing this guide after testing all these free SEO tools manually and used them for months. I am categorizing them in the following categories:

1. Free Google SEO Tools
2. Website Audit/Analysis
3. Keywords Research
4. Content Writing/Plagiarism
5. Website Speed Checker
6. Traffic Measurement
7. Traffic Generation (Black Hat)
8. Backlinks Checker
9. Reports preparation Tools

1. Free Google SEO Tools

All the services provided by Google are almost free. Google also provides some free tools which are helpful in SEO. Anybody can use them and take maximum benefits from them. The best SEO tools by Google are:

 1. Google Search Console

First thing every webmaster does is to submit their website to Google Search Console. Google Search Console is a free service by Google which maintains your online presence.

It is unnecessary to submit your website to Search Console but if you do, it will help you in finding that how Google is interacting with your website. This tools measures your website performance in Google search results. This is one of the best SEO tools will help you in the following:

Google Search Console SEO Tools
  • Making sure Google can access your website content
  • Checking website errors
  • Penalty checking
  • Sitemap Indexing/Crawling
  • Checking website security issues
  • Outdated Content Removal
  • Monitoring and resolving spam issues in website
  • Listing queries on which your website is ranking

Apart from the above, Google search console has many more functions which we will discuss in some other article.

2. Google Analytics

Again, it is a free SEO tool by Google. It is basically a free traffic measurement and analysis tool. To use this, you need to add your website to it.

Google Analytics SEO Tools

It will then, give you a script which you need to paste on the header of the website. Once done, it will show you the traffic stats within the few hours. It is one of the best SEO tools by Google and help you in the following activities:

  •  Measuring traffic 24/7
  • Listing Users, Sessions, Bounce Rate, Session Duration
  • Showing traffic sources
  • User retention
  • User location and device used
  • Most visited pages
  • Goals/Conversions tracking and much more. For more details please visit here.

3. Google Trends

Google Trends is another best SEO tool which helps in keywords research. It analyzes the demand for popular search queries in Google across various regions and languages. It provides a graphical interface to compare queries.

Google Trends SEO Tools

Note: I will discuss Google Keyword Planner, Page Speed Insights and Think with Google in the Keywords Research and Website Speed Checker section.

2. Website Analysis Tools

Before building backlinks to your website or doing any off-page activity, your website must satisfy on-page conditions to make your website perform best in search engine results.

To find-on-page errors, we need some good tools. Here are the best SEO tools for website audit/analysis:

1. Screaming Frog

For the on-page audit, nothing can beat Screaming Frog. It provides a detailed analysis of all the pages on the website. It comes in Free and Paid versions.

The free version can scan the first 500 pages of the website. It is one of the best SEO tools for website audit. You can download Screaming Frog here.

2. Woorank

Woorank is also a great website audit tool. It is a website which scans your site for many aspects like page titles, descriptions, heading tags, keywords cloud, ALT tags, broken links, WWW resolve, total Backlinks, sitemaps, robots.txt, mobile-friendly test, SSL test and much more.

Woorank Trick: Only first audit is free. To do more, you need to buy a premium plan. But to use it for free, clear your browser history and change IP address using VPN. In this way, you can use it as many time you want. Visit Woorank Here.

3. Seoptimer

It is also a free website audit tool. Seoptimer works like Woorank. It analyzes all the on-page aspects like woorank. The main highlight of this tool is that it provides a recommendations list at the bottom of the report which tells users that what and how much work is there to do on your website. As seen below:


4. iwebcheck

iwebcheck is also the best SEO tool for website audit. Woorank, Seoptimizer and iwebcheck work in the same way. The difference occurs in their UI and reports presentations. Visit iwebcheck here.

image 15

5. Ahrefs & SEMRush

Both the tools are famous worldwide, but they are paid. If you can afford them please buy and take full advantages of them. Click To know more the SEMRush and Ahrefs websites.


3. Best SEO Tools for Keywords Research

After developing a website, Keyword Research is the most important thing you need to do. Keywords are the backbone of any websites.

Keywords help Search Engines to identify your website topic and rank accordingly. Here are free Keywords research tools which are available free online:

1. UberSuggest

UberSuggest is my personal choice and it the best SEO tool for keywords research. The reason is, it is free with some limitations. You can research unlimited keywords for SEO and PPC.

It shows your Keyword Difficulty, SEO Difficulty, Paid Difficulty CPC, etc. It also tells you that how many efforts you need to rank for these keywords. As shown below:

It provides you a graphical information about keywords searches for the last 12 months. Also, it gives you a free keyword idea related to main keywords with search volumes etc.

2. Google Keywords Planner

Yes, you read it right. This tool is free from Google. It provides you with the estimated number of searches and competitions of the keywords.

But that competition is for Google Adwords (PPC) only not for SEO. Also, it does not provide the exact number of searches unless you run a campaign. Use this tool for PPC keywords research. It is more valuable in that.

Note: To use it for SEO keywords research, enter a keyword in that and just take an idea from generated list. Do not use exact keywords for SEO. Just take an idea and research that keyword with other tools like UberSuggest or Ahrefs, etc.


Whilst Google’s Keyword Planner is still an effective tool, a number of other free tools can be used to understand consumer search behaviour. And now we can add a new tool to this list:


A reminder about Google’s search suggest

As with other tools like Übersuggest, uses Google’s Autocomplete engine to generate a variety of long-tail keyword suggestions based on any particular root keyword.

Google’s Autocomplete or ‘search suggest’ can be seen in the search predictions one sees when typing a query into Google:

It is a simple and accurate keywords research tool. It is one of the best SEO tools which provide multiple platform keyword research facility. As shown below:

4. Word Tracker

For awesome UI with free keyword research, nothing can beat WordTracker. It provides a facility to research keywords for PPC and SEO with detailed metrics. It is a paid tool but provides list up to 20 rows for free which is enough for good keywords research.

There are numerous benefits to keeping a regularly updated blog on your business website:

  • It can be used to affirm your brand position as an authority or trend setter in your industry
  • It’s a superb way to add new, topically relevant content to your site without revisiting other static pages
  • Blogs can also be used to generate customer loyalty and user interaction if managed the right way
  • If your content is interesting enough, your business blog may also build up a genuine user following or subscription list, helping you to collect email addresses and consumer information

5. Ahrefs & SEMRush

Ahrefs and Semrush are two products that help you optimize your website for search engines.

They do this in lots of different ways, but the main thing they give you is information — information that you can use to:

  • create new content that is likely to attract organic search traffic
  • identify opportunities for building links from other sites to yours
  • change technical aspects of your website so that it performs better in search results.

Both tools, for example, provide you with keyword suggestions (based on phrases you enter) that can be used as the basis for writing blog posts that are likely to perform well in search results.

They’ll also tell you how difficult it will be to rank for specific phrases.

They’ll help you identify websites that it might be worth approaching for backlinks.

And they allow you to perform an “SEO audit” on your website to find out if there are any technical improvements you can make to it that will help you achieve better search results.

That’s just scratching the surface though — there are many other features provided by Ahrefs and Semrush that are designed to help you climb up the search rankings.

I’ll go through these in depth as we progress through the review, beginning with something called domain analysis.

Ahrefs is a paid tool and most loved tool by Digital Marketers. Its accuracy and metrics are unbeatable. But it is a paid tool. You need to pay a minimum $99/Month to use it.

But if you can afford it, then go for it. It provides detailed keyword analysis like SEO Difficulty, Parent Topic, Search Engine Results, backlinks needed to rank on the first page, Suggestions etc. Check the screenshot below:

SEMRush is also an alternative to Ahrefs. This tool is better in UI and has a different approach to keywords research. It is a paid tool and you need to buy it before using it. It is the best SEO tool if you want graphical stats for keywords.

you can purchase the Ahrefs and SEMrush tool at the cheapest rates here . There are many other Tools which can be buy at minimum in Groupby policy.

4. Content Writing & Plagiarism Checker

Content is one of the most important factors of any website. In fact “CONTENT IS THE KING” in today’s era. Here are best SEO tools content writing and plagiarism checker:

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is the best content writing tool online. It is available in free and paid options. It is also available for Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, etc.

You can also download to use it for MS-Office. Its main advantage is it keeps tracking your text and automatically underline wrong words and other errors.

Grammarly makes your content error free and improve readability score. To take full advantage, buy a premium version. It can be used for Plagiarism checking as well. Just visit this link.

2. Grammar Lookup

Grammar Lookup is also a free website to check your text errors. It uses Artificial Intelligence to grammar, style issues, the sense of test and spellings. It has a simple interface. You need to write/paste text and it will underline the errors. As shown below:

5. Website Speed Checking Tools

Google loves fast websites. If your website taking over 5 seconds to load, then you are losing 80% of your traffic. Users are not coming back to your website. So, it is very important to keep your website fast with zero downtime. Here are best SEO Tools for website speed checking:

1. Google Page Insights

Google Page Insights is an official tool by Google for measuring website speed on Mobile and Desktop. It gives a score between 0-100. As shown below:

Google Page insight also provides the suggestions for website improvements. It will list all the steps so that the user can identify the problems and resolve them.

2. GTMetrix

My favorite tool is here. GTMetrix is one of the best SEO tools for speed monitoring. This online tool test websites on various servers also.

GTMetrix SEO Tools

It will give you a detailed analysis of Pagespeed and Yslow graph. GTMetrix also mentioned all the errors in form of tables.

3. Pingdom Tools

It is the fastest and accurate tool for website speed measurement. It works like all previous tools by providing load time, performance grade and lots of suggestions. Have a look:

Pingdom SEO Tools

4. WebPageTest.Org

Webpagetest is one of the most trusted websites speed checking tools. It is so trusted that Google is using this tool for Think with Google tool.

It provides a detailed review of website speed by analyzing it three times and then provides the result.

Webpagetest Seo tools

6. Traffic Measurement

Nowadays, 99% traffic measurement tools are paid. Some big brands like Alexa, SEMrush, Ahrefs charge a lot of money for a subscription.

The best solution for free Traffic monitoring and measurement is Google Analytics. You need to place 5 lines of code in the header of your website and it will measure every visitor of your website.

Please refer to the Google SEO tools section to study more about G-Analytics Tools.

7. Traffic Generator (Black Hat)

CAUTION!⛔ This trick comes under black hat SEO. I am mentioning a tool here which can deliver tons of traffic to your website. The traffic will look real and shown in Google Analytics.

You can select plans accordingly. Choose different countries and receive traffic to your website. Visit the tool here.

8. Backlinks Checker

Backlinks are the most important factor for ranking in Google along with Content and Google Rankbrain. We have various tools which are capable of measuring total backlinks to your website. I am listing here best SEO tools for checking backlinks :

1. Google Search Console

I trust Google Search Console over other tools. It shows you accurate results and updates regularly. To access backlinks in Search Console, just go to the links option and it will show you total links you got.

2. Ahrefs

It is a paid tool but highly effective. It not only shows your backlinks but your competitor’s backlinks too. Just enter the URL of your website and it will show total backlinks. See the screenshot below:

3. Backlink Watch

It is also a popular tool available for free. Just visit the site and enter URL. It will show all the links coming to your website.

4. SEMRush

SEMRush is a paid tool and works like magic. It shows all your backlinks with anchor text and type of links. It is a paid tool so I am not diving further.

9. Reports Generation Tools

Report Garden is one of the best tools to generate any report. It includes SEO reports, SMO reports, Facebook Ads reports, Google reports and much more. It is available with free 7 days trials with NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED option. When your 7 days trials expire just register with a new email id and use for another 7 days.

10. Social Media Optimization Tools

SMO tools are helpful for managing social media accounts. Maximum of them are paid. Here are some best SEO tools for SMO which may be helpful to you:

social media optimization seo tools


I hope these best SEO tools will help you in various needs for SEO. All the tools are tested by me and they are very easy to use.👍

Especially, if you are a beginner then they will work like magic to your website. You will find tutorials of all the above tools on YouTube also. If you have doubts about the above tools please let me know through comments 😉

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