3 Useful Domestic Tips To Remove Dandruff in five days

3 Domestic Tips To Remove Dandruff From Hair

Every other man/women in the world is having Dandruff and the most common reason of dandruff is increasing Pollution. Pollution has not only affected the body but it is causing the other side effects like Dandruff and other hair diseases, hair-fall etc. We have identified the below top three Domestic Tips which can give you relief and remove dandruff from hair.

Coconut oil

The most effective treatment and Tips to remove dandruff from head is hidden in coconut oil. According to Maryland, expert of US skin tone coconut oil prevents dandruff folds in head. He suggests that take some oil and lightly massage by hands in roots and skull and then leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Oil will remain as long as possible, it will be so beneficial. Some people let the oil be applied all over the night and go to sleep by wrapping cloth or towel on head.

Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar has high Ph. Level which controls dandruff in hair. But rather than directly applying vinegar in head add water in half quantity to lessen its intensity. After that apply the mixture slowly in the style of massage. Wash with a good shampoo after 15 minutes, it will get rid of dandruff within a week. This is again a proven method and Tips to remove Dandruff from hair.


Aspirin tablet is found in every home which contains salicylic acid and it has ability to eradicate dandruff.  Make powder by crushing few tablets of aspirin prepare a paste by adding water in it then apply in the roots of head. You can wash head by mixing it in shampoo if you want. Yet another best Tips to remove Dandruff from Dry skin.

Please consult doctor as well for the method of using Aspirin. It should not be in-hail.

Summary :

These 3 Domestic Tips to remove Dandruff have been used by experts too. If you have dandruff and you have been tired of trying the different shampoos and Dandruff comes again, try one of the therapy given above. These are domestic and home remedies to remove the dandruff so there should not be any side effects of this. However if the Dandruff still persists please we suggest you to check with your doctor or consultant as well.

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